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Six Things You Need from Ball and Buck

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Ball and Buck

Today we bring you a treasure trove of leather, shirting and sundries (gracious wink and finger-gun-trigger-pull to our friends over at UrbanDaddy National).

Yes, the gents from Boston’s Ball and Buck have launched a new website and online shop, stocked with exclusive collaborations from the likes of Rancourt & Co., Tellason and Allen Edmonds, along with their own house label.

It’s basically what would happen if a fox hunter teamed up with a tannery run by a barber with an affinity for well-tailored menswear. It’s all glorious, and it’s all made in the USA.

Here are the six things your arsenal requires.»

The July Issues

GQ Drake

July’s a tricky month in the world of printed menswear.

Because even though summer only officially started last Friday, we’ve been talking about it since early May—and the last thing on our minds in the sweltering heat we’re all now starting to feel is fall tweeds.

It’s this “trickiness,” among other things, that led the gents at two of our big three men’s rags to the same decision years ago: July wasn’t worth the hassle of its own issue, so they tacked it onto the end of June’s. Which has given us the rare opportunity to look past those dusty old stalwarts to a few of the other menswear mags out there.

So without further ado, we take the pulse of this month in menswear journalism, after the jump...»

Camille Rowe Is King Of The World

  • Najib Benouar

Camille Rowevia ZAC

Buck Stops Here: GQ takes a tour of Boston’s newest men’s shop, Ball & Buck. Handsome stuff. Put this on your Bean-town itinerary from now on. [GQ]

Chrome Furnishings: This vintage machine gun that’s been nickel-plated would be perfect for the office. [Driven]

Time That Flies: Hodinkee gets the lowdown on Autodromo’s latest driving chronos. Slick enough for your next track day.[Hodinkee]

Upton’o Good: A bikini-clad Kate recently taught Terry Richardson how to dance the “Cat Daddy” and one kind soul turned that lesson into a nine-step animated GIF. Purely for educational purposes.[Buzzfeed]

Vintage Heaven


It can be hard to fathom the devotion of top-level thrifters if you’ve never had the pleasure of wandering through a truly great vintage shop…but once you do, it makes a whole lot more sense.

Case in point: we recently reacquainted ourselves with the legendary Bobby from Boston. It’s a standby more mens designers than would ever admit it and the costume department of any film that happens to be passing through. And for good reason: Inside is an amazing collection of handsomeness including a wall of straw boaters, a few chaps and a staggering quantity of vintage Levi’s. Words fail, so we’ll just pass along the pictures.

Take a look around Bobby from Boston»

Locked Down


Apparently Shepard Fairey has been busier than we thought. Not 24 hours after the AP took aim at him, the Boston police got in on the action at a local event honoring the storied graffiti artist and hauled off to the slammer for a few outstanding vandalism warrants.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Mr. Fairey has run afoul of the boys in blue, but it’s the first time it’s happened since he had any serious clout behind his name, and it’s hard to think of better outsider cred than getting arrested at your own gallery party.

In other words, despite what it looks like, we would say Shep’s having a very good week.

Playboy, Beards, and Bicycle Gangs


Hef History: When pretentious literary quarterlies write about Playboy, everybody wins. We’re still waiting for the New Yorker’s 10,000 words on Hustler. [n+1]

Stiff Upper Lip: To Esquire, the whole world is a case study on proper facial hair grooming…but the Golden Globes give more of a range than you’d think. [Esquire]

Steel Wheels: Biker gangs are terrorizing the countryside! On bicycles! [PSFK]

All the Colors: The Boston Globe’s handy guide to non-chemical hallucination. Fair warning: you’ll want to keep some ping pong balls handy. [Boston Globe]