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Welcome to the Thunderdome, Abbey Lee Kershaw

  • Najib Benouar

Madder Than Mel: The Mad Max franchise reboot is finally back on track with Tom Hardy as Max and at least one supermodel in a cage. [IndieWire]

In Theater: Add this to our ongoing praise of the aesthetic glory of the bookshelf. A spectacular historic theater that’s been converted into a book shop in Argentina. [Design Taxi]

Professional Hippies: The definitive roundup of the free-spirit celebs who descended upon Coachella. [The Cut]

You Read It for the Bikes: Here’s a slideshow of really attractive road bikes... being ridden by an even more attractive model. [Sharp]

Nice Wallpaper

Nice Wallpapervia YHBTI

The Greatest Party Ever: Would you like to see an hour-long video of the release party for Paul’s Boutique? Of course you would. [WBE]

Never Too Many Books: Shots from the New York apartment of author Michael Cunningham. He has a bookshelf in his bathroom, people. [Work in Progress]

Boots and Socks: A walk in the woods with the Midwestyle chaps, and a very handsome pair of socks. [The Midwestyle]

The Tux Returns: The latest batch of Phineas Cole gear looks pretty good as well. [Men of Habit]



We’ve gushed before about the charms of the bookshelf, but there’s finally a photoblog to back it all up. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on Bookshelf Porn, a guided tour through some of the best bookshelves in the world. Sadly, it’s not nearly as salacious as it sounds.

The Deconstructed Bookcase


We like furniture best at its most functional, so the prospect of a sized-to-order bookshelf strikes us as a very good idea. The only catch? You’ll basically be buying a pile of plywood and clamps.

Indie Furniture’s new bookshelf takes the modular philosophy to its natural extreme. If you need to 4’ x 7’ space, they’ll tell you exactly how many cubbyholes to build, and exactly how many planks and connectors you’ll need to build them. Of course, there's quite a markup for all that lumber, but unless you've got a carpenter handy, it should be the next best thing.

In Defense of the Bookshelf


Between the Kindle, the iPad, and Going Rogue, the book’s been having a pretty rough year. But even if you’re not much for lugging the things around with you, we recommend keeping your collection around for one very simple reason: the bookshelf.

Allow us to explain»