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Menswearabouts: Surveying the Menswear Landscape of 2016

  • Kempt Staff
Menswearabouts: Surveying the Menswear Landscape of 2016

The end of 2015 saw some big shake-ups in menswear—from Ralph Lauren stepping down as CEO of his namesake label to Aaron Levine ditching Club Monaco for Abercrombie & Fitch—so we thought we’d start off the new year by taking stock of who’s here, who’s there and who’s not.

We plan on checking in periodically as the menswear carousel continues to spin, but for now let’s start with what we know so far...

It’s Time to Play: Name. That. Khaki!

  • Kempt Staff
It’s Time to Play: Name. That. Khaki!

Chino season has returned. And with it, the plethora of khaki colors to choose from. Perhaps you’ve already been browsing for a new pair and stumbled upon the likes of Vintage Sand, Dusty Stone, Insouciant Taupe. But what’s in a name? Were any of those even real? It’s time to put your menswear acumen to the test and play a little game we’ve made up called...

Name. That. Khaki! Contestant Number One, come on down...

Now You Can Shop Online, IRL

  • Kempt Staff


Our friends at UrbanDaddy LA tipped us off to an interesting new wrinkle in online menswear shopping: the Bonobos Guideshop opening on La Brea on Friday.

It’s an inviting blond-wood-hewn showroom that allows you to actually try on the clothes you'd normally only get to see online. The caveat: you’re only trying them on. There’s no stockroom in back, so you can’t walk out of the store with your new lightweight chinos—your guide will order them online, the same way you would have at home, except without the guesswork. Whether or not this is the future of online shopping is yet to be seen, but color us intrigued. Of course, if you’re not in one of the cities with a Guideshop, you’ll still have to do it the old-fashioned way: on the Internet.

Get a closer look inside the shop, after the jump.»

The Six Cotton Suits to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


You’ve probably noticed your office commute getting gradually warmer by the day. And while the weather is partly to blame, so is your suit.

The answer: a trusty cotton suit. Choose the right one and you’ll have the most versatile thing in your closet this summer—in addition to wearing it when you’d otherwise be sweating in wool, you can also throw the jacket into your weekend mix of polo shirts and chinos when the occasion calls for it.

Herewith, the six cotton suits to consider this summer.»

The Weekend Sales Report Card

  • Kempt Staff


We’ve filtered through all of the online sale noise and graded your best options out there, should you feel inclined to do any menswear browsing this weekend...

For the Early Action: Get in on Ralph Lauren’s fall sale early, with the presale that knocks an additional 15% off the up-to-40%-off sale items (before October 30). Discount: A Sizes Available: B+ Selection: A

For the Pants: Bonobos is slashing up to 75% off their well-cut chinos, shorts, shirts and a few less summery items as well. Discount: A- Sizes Available: B Selection: B+

For the Basics: Northeasternly outfitters Palmer Trading Company just made some more deep cuts on the rest of their summer gear and some of their always-handsome baggage. Discount: B+ Sizes Available: A Selection: B+

More of the good stuff on sale from favorites like Badowers, Club Monaco and others, after the jump.»

Head to Toe: Socially Conscious Garb

  • Kempt Staff

japanese_oxford_mode_white_front1 When you look good, you feel good. That’s a given.

But there’s a next level: doing good.

And with all of the new socially conscious brands out there these days, you can find just about everything your daily wardrobe requires—while knowing you’re helping those in need, by actually clothing them Toms-style, or supporting small endangered co-ops, or building a well in Ethiopia. Naturally, we’ve gone ahead and found you everything you’ll need to outfit yourself from head to toe in charitable dapperness. »

The Living End


Times style writer and noted pants proponent David Colman has a fairly fine-tuned trend detector—so fine tuned that a strong breeze will sometimes set it off. But his latest target has us a bit confused. By Colman’s lights, the hot new trend for ’09 is…butt-hugging pants.

Of course, this is the Times, so they end up using terms like “backside display,” but the slideshow of a fully restrained model makes it pretty clear what the trend in question is. A personal trainer even stops by to testify to the increased popularity of squat lifts. The real question is…can they be serious?

Quite honestly, we are at a loss for words»