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Your MJ Halloween Costume Just Got a Lot More Authentic

It is decidedly not “too soon” to auction off every stitch of fabric the King of Pop ever touched. A while back it was these red velvet armchairs embroidered with eagles, last month it was the black surgical mask he wore the night before he died, and on July 3, for your bidding pleasure, the folks at Bonhams will be presenting Michael’s trademark military jacket (the one in which he most preferred to meet princes).

Fortunately, there’s a typewritten label inside the pocket with MJ’s name, the date and, most importantly, contact information for the Savile Row tailor you’re going to want to get in touch with before trying on the jacket.

We’re guessing they’ll need to take it out a few inches.

The Prehistoric Rolex

Most of the vintage Rolex trade specializes in ’60s-era divers, but there’s plenty of good wrist candy to be found in the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, too—and some prime examples are coming up for auction at Bonhams next week.

This ’50s-era Oyster is a prime example—the wrist-wear equivalent of a gray flannel suit—but there’s plenty more, like this ’40s manual-wind or a 9-karat gold Oyster from 1936. They don’t quite have the James Bond vibe you’d get from a GMT, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw one of these on M.

Style Explosion

  • Jared Paul Stern


Two things they don't make like they used to—movie posters and movies. Case in point: Michelangelo Antonioni's brilliant 1966 flick *Blow-Up*.

David Hemmings plays Thomas, a debauched fashion photographer based on David Bailey who thinks he may have witnessed a murder. But the plot takes a back seat to the movie's incredibly stylish *mise-en-scène*, not to mention Thomas' navy blue Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud convertible, slant-pocketed velvet hacking jacket and endless stream of beautiful bedmates.

At Bonhams Entertainment Sale in London on June 18, you can snag a piece of the magic in the form of this original poster from the film, estimated at £300 - £500. If you think you can outbid us, that is.

United Colors of Manchester

  • Jared Paul Stern


The great Sir Paul Smith may have recently signed on to design new off-pitch duds for the Manchester United Football Club (that's soccer to you), but the sporting supermen were not always in need of such sartorial succor.

Back in the '50s they wore good old classic club blazers when not actively pummeling opponents, and needed no other decoration, as Bonhams upcoming Sporting Sale demonstrates.

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