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Rihanna Treats Her Body Like an Ancient Temple

  • Kempt Staff

Surely Temple: GQ digs up some more revealing outtakes from their latest cover shoot of The Umbrella’d One. [GQ]

Forever-ever?: Esquire catches up with André 3000 to talk grooming, music and his return to designing. Still no word on an Outkast reunion. [Esquire]

Girls 2 Women: A “Where are they now?” of every Bond girl—unsurprisingly, they’ve all aged gracefully. [Vulture]

Feeling Tart: A festive roundup of Scottish tartan menswear that should get you into the holiday spirit. [T Magazine]

Isabeli Fontana Is Working On Her Base Tan

  • Najib Benouar

FYM Unmasked: The anonymous menswear poets better known as Fuck Yeah Menswear have finally fessed up to The Observer. We should've guessed it was Schlossman. [The Observer]

For Pete’s Sake An open letter to Pete Campbell regarding the most recent Mad Men episode. First, you’ll want to have read our Kempt Liner Notes below. [The Paris Review]

Female Bonding: A kind soul has put every Bond girl in one place: this sizeable infographic. [Vulture]

The Sports Coat Derby: Here’s what it looks like when a few hundred English blokes get together to compare their bespokery. [Put This On]

Bond Girls, Photogs, and Lime Fresh


Bond and the Women: The British GQ counts down a list of the Bond girls that might have been. Mr. Craig should be so lucky. [The World’s Best Ever]

Fare Thee Well: Supertouch says goodbye to prolific and beloved photojournalist Shawn Mortensen. [Supertouch]

In the Coconut: Esquire sings the praises of lime cologne. [Esquire]

The Magic of Technology: More Kanye-themed gifs than you ever wanted to see. [Best Week Ever]

For Your Eyes Only


It may be early, but we’re always up for a little Bond.

Celebrating the author’s 100th birthday—which is coming up next Wednesday—Penguin is revamping their catalog of Fleming-era Bond novels with new editions and, best of all, new covers. The striking images come courtesy of San Francisco-based artist Michael Gillette, who makes appropriately sensual use of watercolor. The type and colors do a good job of replicated the 60s milieu, while the women remind us of the books’ central appeal»