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Alicia K Has Misplaced Her Hairbrush

  • Kempt Staff

Vegas Baby: GQ rounds up the 10 trends they noticed at Las Vegas trade week. (Ryan Lochte, notwithstanding). [GQ]

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Bond's Back, Anna Speaks, and Popping the Clutch


Sneak Peek: Oh yes, the Bond trailer is here. [Moviefone]

Her Majesty: Anna Wintour deigns to speak of Milan Men's Fashion. Cower, mere mortals. [DNR]

Second Chance: Brooks Brothers and Thom Browne kiss and make up. [DNR]

Um, No: Fashionista thinks man clutches are a good, "accessory for a night out." Some people just don't get it, do they? [Fashionista]

Gym Rats: How to be a gentleman while working up a sweat. [Art of Manliness]