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Heirloom Week: Automobile Edition

  • Kempt Staff


Typically, one thinks of an heirloom only after it’s weathered a few generations, gathering its own uniquely handsome patina and lived-in warmth along the way. But before all that, it started out shiny and new in some factory or on some store shelf. And since there are still a few companies out there making stuff that looks timeless and will last longer than you, we’ve set out to find the new breed of future heirlooms in this weeklong series. Yesterday we began with watches. Today we’re looking at cars...

Herewith, the five new cars to buy today, that will be heirlooms tomorrow...»

The Ultimate Driving Machine Is Now a Desk Chair

We’re of the mind that luxury sports cars should remain luxury sports cars and chairs should remain chairs. It’s a slippery slope otherwise, a slope that nine times out of 10 leads to fire-engine-red Ferrari armchairs with matching slippers, grease stains on the head rests, monthly ExtenZe shipments and so on...

All this to say: we like the new BMW Clarity seating series. They’re all about “design through reduction,” which seems like the right way to approach, you know, chairs. As a result, the omissions are the features: no mysterious, Aeron-esque collection of pulleys/cranks/levers, no armrest detachments and (mercifully) no dickish Beemer logo front and center.

After all, we wouldn’t want to take away from your snow-camouflaged Lambo...

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A Sterling Reputation


You may not have tuned in last night, but if you’re following the glossies, Mad Men is just about everywhere. And not just in the editorials.

This BMW spot in Vanity Fair co-opts a bit of Sterling Cooper cachet, but it’s one of the first spots we’ve seen to embrace the show’s Kennedy-era milieu so whole-heartedly. It’s an odd fit for BMW, since Mr. Draper himself wouldn’t have much use for a German car, and the 3 series in the spot couldn’t be farther from the land-yachts that were in style at the time. And since so much of the Mad Men is about resisting the future, we’re not quite sure what to make of it. Maybe they’re pushing the manual transmission?

On the Road Again


With vacation season in full swing, a week of off-roading looks pretty good. But now that your Hummer’s out of style, you may want to think smaller. Much, much smaller.

BMW’s new R1200 GS (MRSP $16,750) doesn’t have the bulk of the usual off-road vehicles, but a couple saddlebag-style storage units and an adjustable suspension mean it can take you and your gear just about anywhere with a trail, whether it’s the Grand Canyon or the Yukon. (If it’s the latter, the heated handlebars might come in handy.) Best of all, it got its first road tests courtesy of a pair of dashing Scottish actors on a two-month road tour of some of the spottiest pavement in the world.

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