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Let’s Get Lost


While everyone else is thinking about the latest, greatest smartphone (excuse us, superphone), we’re more concerned about all the gadgetry we’ve left in the backs of cabs over the years. Fortunately, it looks like there’s a gadget for that.

The ZOMM is a silicon-packed keychain that sounds an alarm whenever you move an unhealthy distance from your brand new phone. The wireless leash works via Bluetooth, so you can also use it as a speakerphone, but the real point is to get a priceless wakeup call just as you’re leaving the coffee shop—or, depending on your luck, just as the cab pulls away.

Wooden Affect


These EarPollution Timbres have been out for a few months, but they’re just now rising to the top of our audiophile pile, for a couple of reasons. For one, those wooden nubs aren’t just for show: They act as anchors for the mini-speakers, providing acoustic backing that allows for a thicker mid-range, bass that’s present without being overpowering and…well, better sound.

But more importantly, they’re equipped for the new generation of player/phones. If you’ve got the Timbres plugged into your iPhone and your boss happens to call in the middle of a drum solo, you can carry on talking thanks to a microphone planted on the cord at chin level.

Which leads us to the most recent addition to the gentlemanly code: As with all Bluetooth headsets, if you aren’t using it right this minute, you should probably take it out of your ears. Consider yourself warned.

The Underdog


Modern gadgetry is moving in lots of different directions at once, but one thing that’s pretty clear is that the world is going to have fewer wires in it. Tenqa is a west coast company trying to bring Bluetooth wireless tech to home stereos, but they’re having to do it without any corporate partnerships, which makes things significantly more interesting.

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