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You Should Be Reading Kempt Right Now

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Bloggerly Love: Complex rounds up the 25 men’s style blogs you should be reading now, including yours truly. Suffice to say, they know what they’re talking about.

Wind Power: Esquire gets the first look at the Windmill Club’s foray into shirting.

Sinfully Short Shorts: Reminiscing over the budding abstinence promoter Kirk Cameron—and the hilarious video that started it all.

Pregame Ritual: The sexiest Super Bowl commercials in GIF form, courtesy of GQ.

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

Errors in Production

Like most menswear bloggers, we’ve got a soft spot for factories. The flow of the assembly line, the rhythmic whir of the machines, the forward march of materials being made into goods.

It’s not perfect, though. For every 10,000 identical Coke cans that roll off the assembly line, there’ll be a couple that are a little off the mark. Or better yet, a lot off the mark. And now there’s a blog devoted to sharing them with the world.

It’s called Errors in Production, and it hosts everything from mutant gummi bears to a double-handled espresso cup. It’s arty, make no mistake, but there’s something funny and more than a little poignant about seeing all those castoffs in one place.

And most importantly, they’re taking submissions—so that misshapen Grolsch bottle can finally be put to good use.

Lily Cole is Concerned About Hat Theft

Money, It’s a Gas: How your blog sausage gets made. (For the record, if we’re ever getting money for a post, you’ll see the word “Sponsored” all over it.) [The Coe Journal]

Feeling Kinda Breanish: Single-width tweed looms and Breanish weavers. Yes, it’s time for another factory tour. [Permanent Style]

Drawing a Line: A new source for unlined ties pops up in Singapore. [Put This On]

The Cloon Abides: The top 10 George Clooney performances, according to a professional. Batman is mysteriously absent. [Hit Fix]

That’s My Shirt


There’s a proud tradition of women looking damn good in menswear, from Marlene Dietrich to the current flood of “borrowed” Barbour jackets. It’s outdoorsy anti-fashion, a poke at gender roles, and generally the most excited you’ve ever been to see an oxford shirt. Naturally, we approve.

Tomboy Style has been rounding up the best instances for more than a year now, and all that toil has finally landed them a book deal with Rizzoli to round up the best tomboys the world has ever seen. It won’t be out until Spring ’12, but we’d like to put in an early request for more Chan Marshall.

A Stacked Deck


There’s a lot of fun to be had in the gloriously splintered world of indie music blogs—but it helps if you’ve got a native guide. And since trusting an editorial organization with your musical education would be painfully old-fashioned, it’s probably best to turn to machines. is our favorite flock, particularly after this week’s redesign. With the help of an iTunes-style toolbar, Shuffler will guide you through a curated list of thousands of under-the-radar music blogs—kind of like listening to the internet on shuffle. You’ll choose a genre, but after that you’re pretty much at the mercy of the blogs.

In other words, click “hardcore” at your own risk.



We’ve gushed before about the charms of the bookshelf, but there’s finally a photoblog to back it all up. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on Bookshelf Porn, a guided tour through some of the best bookshelves in the world. Sadly, it’s not nearly as salacious as it sounds.

Tumblr Ruins Everything


Trust the internet to take something beautiful and turn it into something slightly uncomfortable.

Take this young woman, for instance. She seems like she’s having a good time. She’s smiling, after all. Sure, her legs are crossed, but she doesn’t seem in distress. Certainly not like she’s looking for a bathroom or anything…

Unfortunately, after Hipsters Have to Pee, everything is suspect.

Marloes Horst is Dressed for Tennis

Eyes on the Prize: The gents at Silver Lining get a richly deserved video tribute. Well done, Mr. Davis. [the189]

Above the Knee: A gentleman’s guide to making shorts, preferably with the help of a tailor. [The Sunday Best]

Nerds!: Roxana Altamirano gives her perspective on men’s style. Mostly, we’re just glad someone’s getting the phrase “nerd boyfriend” out there. [Valet]

The Ties That Bind: Disappointingly, Mogador is not a reanimated skeleton played by John Hurt in an upcoming film. [Men’s Flair]

Details Are Sketchy


Richard Haines, our favorite sketch-blogger, just raised his profile another notch. On the heels of his residency at the J. Crew liquor store, he’s got a series of ads for pop-up flea vets 3Sixteen currently going up all over our fair city.

The spot—seen here in its natural habitat—couldn’t be simpler. It’s just Haines doing what he does best: a colored sketch of a well-dressed man. And if that man happens to be wearing a certain brand’s latest offerings…that’s just the magic of business.

See the poster and a video after the jump»

Artist in Residence


Our friends at UrbanDaddy just tipped us off to the latest J. Crew store opening in New York. It’s a lot like their Tribeca outpost, the Liquor Store, but they’ve got a few new tricks up their sleeve too.

For one, they’ve tempted Richard Haines, one of our favorite sketch-bloggers, to make an appearance at the store from noon to 2pm and 4pm to 6pm this Tuesday and Saturday. He'll be making and handing out original sketches of whoever happens by, on whatever paper’s handy.

It’s not a bad idea: A good artist can be more trustworthy than a mirror if you’re trying to figure out whether that blazer’s a good fit.

Scarlett Fever


The animated gif is just a few great works away from being a legitimate art form—in fact, they’ve already got their own museum—but this is the first time we’ve seen it turned on the celebrity class.

We just ran across this gif of one Scarlett Johansson in a variety of charming poses. As PR, it does more than a dozen Esquire spreads—and we’re quite partial to those. Think of it as one more step towards flacks becoming surrogate blogmasters.

And, needless to say, it’s better than The Nanny Diaries.

See the gif in question»

Agyness, Austin and Art


Cherchez Le Femme: Agyness Deyn has traded Albert Hammond for (we assume) a less technically proficient guitarist. [The Cut]

Heading South: Michael Williams tours Austin’s finest Olch at a time.[A Continuous Lean]

Crazy Time: Gawker looks at Dubai and decides to get crazy artsy. We’re not sure either. [Gawker]

Greatest of all Time: Deb counts down the 100 blogs most likely to improve your life. Somehow, Failblog does not make the list. [AskDeb]

Boxed Set


This pic comes from The Lovely Package, a photoblog dedicated to the best in non-Apple packaging. A lot of it is hit or miss, but we couldn’t resist these old school oil boxes. We’ve seen more marketing-heavy products like pomade or snacks packaged this way, but when it trickles down to motor oil, you know something’s finally getting through.