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Honorata Never Removes Her Corset

How the Game Be: This oral history of menswear blogging has been tearing up the webs all day, despite a few notable omissions . Also, if Jesse Thorn is the target of a suspicious drive-by after this, all eyes are going to be on Fuck Yeah Menswear. [GQ]

Also, It’s Kind of Silly: And, for the sake of completeness, here’s a Vanity Fair piece making fun of the GQ piece. [Vanity Fair]

All the Checks: A showroom tour of Isaia. It turns out they’ve got some pretty handsome jackets in the works. [We Are the Market]

Knives Out: This could be the year you learn to whittle. Believe it. [Art of Manliness]

Cameron Richardson Only Knows How to Dog Paddle

cameronrichardson_crop.jpgvia GQ UK

Mr. Kent, I Presume: Matt Singer collaborates with Selima Optique to create the perfect secret identity: a pair of black-framed glasses. We always thought Clark Kent was an underrated style icon. [Valet]

Ladies…: Jesse Thorn delivers a passionate monologue on the importance of dumping your boyfriend in favor of a well-dressed style blogger who knows more about Italian film. Anyway, that’s what we got out of it. [Put This On]

See Also: Death, Taxes: Why the paywall is here to stay. [CrunchGear]

The Beat Goes On: Even wearing a black polo with a popped collar in the middle of summer, Mark Ronson can do no wrong. [GQ Eye]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Blogger Edition


Dressing for light spring rain can be a bit dicey. Full on raingear seems unseasonal—particularly if you’re expecting some intermittent sun—but nobody looks good soaked.

Fortunately the budding dandy behind Young Man/Old Man is around to show us all how it’s done. This ensemble pairs the quintessential raingear piece—in the form of a vintage, fingertip-length trench coat—with one of the most seasonal spring items, the light blazer. We give him extra points for pulling off the risky khaki-on-khaki gambit, and (as you can see here) not being afraid to leave his knit tie a few inches short of the beltline.

If we’re counting correctly, that’s three pitch-perfect balancing acts in one outfit. Not too shabby, sir.

The Anonymous Dutch Blogger Dances to Anonymous Dutch Music


Young, Dutch and Famous: The young woman behind Fashion Fillers takes a turn in the spotlight. [Fashion Copious]

The Next Big, Flat Thing: All those Apple Tablet rumors are true. More on that tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, the winner here is Roisin Murphy, who somehow got her album cover to show up on all the renderings. [Gizmodo]

The Wages of Thrift: The international secondhand clothing economy is much, much larger than you thought. [Daily Herald]

The Streets of Baltimore: A patient, comprehensive explanation of why you should watch The Wire. Seriously, folks. [A.V. Club]

Elle Steps Up Their Game


White Room: Love is an ottoman, in the latest issue of Elle. [Fashionising]

Trending Downwards: A gentleman’s guide to the short-lived trends of the aughts. We’re surprised the anachronistic mustache didn’t make the cut. [NYMag]

A Few of My Favorite Things: Starting tomorrow, an all-star list of men’s style bloggers is counting down the favorite items in their closet. Is it too late to throw our Spiderman PJs into the mix? [Components of Enthusiasm]

Fam in the Biz, It Is What it Is: Shakespearean intrigue in the world of online sample-sellers. The bottom line: Amazon may be poised to out-flank Gilt Groupe. [The Fashion Beat]

All Shook Up


One of the perks of being a blogger (aside from the untold riches) is the power to indulge in pet causes from time to time. But choose wisely…

TechCrunch founder and professional networker Michael Arrington has picked a pretty odd one: abolishing the handshake. Motivated by a mild, reasonable germophobia, Arrington has made a fairly consistent case for doing away with the practice, and today the cause made it all the way to the Boston Globe Magazine which, we assume, counts as the big time.

We weigh in on the handshake»

Crash Course


You might think Fashion Week would be drama enough, but there’s always room for a little more.

FashionIndie President Daniel Saynt just cancelled all the site's upcoming events, video premieres, and a good chunk of their Fashion Week coverage, and announced a lawsuit against the New York Observer. The lawsuit is in response to a catty lead paragraph from last week’s paper that called them out on crashing fashion week events…but don’t worry if things don’t quite add up. It’s not just you.

Frankly, we thought Saynt & Co. took pride in the occasional gatecrash, but calling off their own parties smacks of desperation and—even worse—thin skin. Calling in a lawyer is the weakest play in the book, and it’s simply not the blogger way. If you can’t take a jab or two from a broadsheet, how are you going to survive Gawker?

For goodness sakes, this is the internet.

On the Move


The world isn’t all work boots and cardigans, so as of next Wednesday, we’re heading off to Vegas’ own Consumer Electronics Show to scout out a few new gadgets for the new year.

As for how we’re getting there, we’ve found a brand new gadget to pay our way. Say hello to Energi To Go, an egg-shaped trinket powerful enough to charge your phone or blackberry for nine hours or send your favorite blogger to the adult entertainment capital of the world. It runs on two AA batteries, and contains more than 130 square miles of gambling, vice, and generally raucous revelry.

Clearly, we’re very excited.

Political Pumpkins, Denim Futures, and Fictional Gadgets


The Boogeyman: A few politically minded jack-o-lantern templates in time for Halloween. [NotCot]

In the Trenches: A roundup of trenchcoats, in case the economy has you turning to gumshoe work. [Men.Style]

The Future is Now: DNR peers into the mysterious and terrifying future of men’s denim. [DNR]

Crossing Over: BoingBoing Gadgets crosses over from actual gadget-blogging to fictional gadget-blogging, but only three days a week. We promise to never ever do this. [BoingBoing Gadgets]

Wake Up, Mr. West


The trajectory of Kanye West’s Blog has been strikingly similar to Kanye’s own trajectory. At first, it was written off as gimmicky and well-connected. But, through frighteningly earnest enthusiasm, it’s gradually worked its way into our heart.

Which is why this morning’s scandal comes as such a shock.

No one knows better than us, it’s hard out there for a blogger, and more than a few have speculated that it must be hard for Kanye to tour, blog, make music, and star in vodka commercials without something giving way. A ghost blogger, perhaps»

Freaks, Geeks, Hipsters, Squares, Russians and Scarlett


Love For Sale: Scarlett puts herself up for auction on eBay, meaning it's only a matter of hours before our PayPal bill dwarfs our student loans. [Gawker]

Hip To Be Square: The Roots of American Prep. [Men's Flair]

"Most Females Lie More Cleverly and Successfully Than Men": Or at least that's what they want you to think. [NYPost]

Wedding Bells?: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Marc Jacobs. [NYMag]

Transition of Power: In his first appearance as Russia's new President-elect, Dmitry Medvedev greets the nation in a turtleneck and jeans apparently from Sears. Weep for the Motherland. [Reuters]

Trading Sideways: Geeks fighting to replacing hipsters? Let's settle this one at the playground during recess. [Scrawled in Wax]

Bloggerati: Rising fashion blogger Kanye West is shut out of Balenciaga, says he doesn't really mind and declares that his "first love is for fashion." Jesus, it's Faran Krentcil all over again. [The Celebrity Truth]

To The Brim: Ain't ya heard? The Hat Is Back , y'all.