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Blake Lively is Secretly Wearing Headphones

Blake Lively

Rich Pretty: Molly Lambert investigates the appeal of Blake Lively. The verdict, presented without comment: “More naked pictures might not hurt.” [Grantland]

Bugging Out: The life and cars of Jean Bugatti. [Driven]

Isn’t It a Pitti: A non-menswear nerd provides perspective on Pitti Uomo. “Just look at my pocket square. See? It’s actually a carnitas stain.” [How to Talk to Girls at Parties]

Standing Up: A Louis C.K. interview with more from his seemingly bottomless well of sad-sack wisdom. [Pitchfork]

Blake Lively May Want to Hire a Bodyguard


The Golden Globes: Jessica Pressler has assembled 59 photos diagnosing the various moods and conditions of Blake Lively’s breasts. The first twenty are alluring, the second twenty are funny, and the final stretch alternates between beatific and deeply alienating. [Vulture]

I Just Want to Do Nothing: An existential journey into the practice of doing nothing, all day, every day. [Good Men Project]

Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug: On its 20th anniversary, GQ assembles an oral history of Goodfellas. That Joe Pesci, he’s a funny guy. [GQ]

That’s All There Is To Say on the Subject, Really: Unis: killing it. [Sartorially Inclined]

Blake Lively is…Lively


Greaser’s Palace: But is she a Shark or a Jet? [Esquire]

A Star-Making Turn: This Channing Tatum profile opens with a description of the star’s fire-deformed package, which is enough to earn it a place in puff piece history. Brass balls, Marks. We salute you. [DETAILS]

The Barbarian: A thoughtful take on NBC’s late night debacle. And, a pretty good reason to watch the Tonight Show tonight. [Vulture]

Pretty Things: Your daily dose of francophone erotic thriller remakes, courtesy of /Film. [/Film]

Blake Lively is a Woman of Many Talents


We Are Entirely in Earnest: A gentleman’s guide to Blake Lively’s cleavage. [DailyIntel]

Cougar Warning: The latest dispatch on the cougar trend is quite possibly the most depressing thing we’ve ever read. But don’t let that stop you… [NYTimes]

The Sky is Falling: Astronomy buffs take heed. Early tomorrow morning, we’ll be enjoying the non-apocalyptic kind of meteor shower. [Lifehacker]

In a Word, Jackets: Esky does what it does best: Tell you how to dress. [Esquire]

Leighton, Sarah, and Louis


Girls Gone Somewhat Wild: Terry Richardson redeems himself yet again, providing art for the 18th Gossip Girl-related cover story so far. [Rolling Stone]

Boyish Charm: In case you needed more Band of Outsiders… Sarah Silverman takes over for Kirsten Dunst with Band of Outsiders latest “Boy” shoot. [The Moment]

Westward, Ho: Michael Williams heads to SXSW…and we are jealous yet again. [A Continuous Lean]

Clash of the Titans: Louis Vuitton takes Google to court over copyright infringement. Which side will Kanye choose? [The Cut]

Ms. Lively, Mr. McGoohan, and the Japanese


In Vogue: Blake Lively makes the magazine rounds, but it’s still not enough to get us to watch Gossip Girl. [Vogue]

Not a Number: Zack Handlen weighs in with the definitive Patrick McGoohan appreciation. [A.V. Club]

Rosie the Riveting: The female mechanics calendar is fascinating in ways we cannot fully describe. [BoingBoing]

Mecha Mecha: Japanese style comes into its own. Our theory? It’s all the robots. [The Moment]