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Miranda Kerr is Undressing in a 1970s Car Commercial


Hello Again: If there are television cameras anywhere around your workplace, maybe wait until you get home to click through. [GQ]

Swing, Man: Frank Sinatra’s advice to George Michael, circa 1990. It’s every bit as awesome as you think. [Letters of Note]

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: The creator of the chocolate-chip ice cream sandwich has passed on. We’ll have one in his honor tonight. [Village Voice]

Two Men and One Guitar: Esquire floats the Black Keys as the best rock band in America. Jack White would probably have something to say about that. [Esquire]

Brother to Brother


At the risk of coming off as music bloggers, we’re pretty excited about all this Black Keys business.

Blakroc’s been getting quite a lot of play around these parts, but they’re due for a triumphant return to form. Better yet, the duo trekked down to Alabama's Muscle Shoals to record it, which might be one of our favorite places in America.

Tragically, we’ll have to wait until May for anything more than speculation. But we’ll think of this as a summer preview.