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Soledad Miranda Would Like Her Coffee, Please

Soledad Mirandavia WBE

Hair Apparent: Blind Barber dishes the goods on how to have better hair by the end of the week. First off, you should probably be washing it less. [Valet]

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The Wonder Years: A reminisce of REM’s early years. Required reading for any wistful fans out there. [AV Club]

The State of the Dress Shirt

jiandeleonvia tucked

Walk into any shirting outfit (the new J.Crew Ludlow Shop, for instance) and you’re likely to see two different classes of button-up. There’s the soft, casual kind—your oxford shirts, your flannels—and then there’s the iron-ready, stiff-collared dress shirts that dominate the modern business uniform.

In the heady workwear days (say, mid-2008), you might have been inclined to skip the latter category altogether, and a lot of people did. The stiff shirts were boring, the kind of thing bankers wore. But with the rise of Italian style, the dress shirt is suddenly essential again—and there’s a specific look that sets it apart from the banker-ready version. If you were wondering what to wear underneath your Isaia DB, look no further.

We lay out the state of the modern dress shirt»

The Gentleman’s Safari


Here’s an unusually rugged look from the latest Black Fleece collection, combining the classic blue blazer with the YSL-approved safari jacket.

This gentleman happens to be emphasizing the jacket's blazer-esque qualities by pairing it with gray wool trousers, but we could see it playing just as nicely with flannels or tieless button-downs—like an upscale version of the infamous shacket.

Of course, it won’t make it to stores for another few months—but we’ll be first in line when it does.

Mime Noir

Black Fleece

It’s easy to forget just how cool Thom Browne can be when he gives it a go. These grainy snaps of Browne’s Black Fleece collection just popped up featuring the same high-water pants and newly high waistlines. And thanks to the black-and-white film, it comes off a lot more mysterious than we’re used to from Thom. Bogey would be proud.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel RadcliffeGetty Images, see it full size

Daniel Radcliffe is not George Clooney. He’s also not James Bond. He is, for the moment at least, Harry Potter—and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

This snap comes from the premiere of his latest Broadway Venture, How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying. The answer, apparently, is to have Thom Browne in your corner. His tux comes from Browne’s Black Fleece collaboration with Brooks Brothers, and boasts one of shortest jackets you’ll ever see on a tuxedo. And without taking sides in the jacket wars, it’s pretty handsome stuff.

It’s not an elegant look—more boyish than masterful—but for a young man engaging in the most boyish kind of theater there is, it’s a perfect fit. (The tousled pocket square doesn’t hurt either.) It’s also won’t convince anyone to cast him as Macbeth, but we doubt he’ll lose much sleep over it.

The Return of the Poncho


Now that the dust has settled on Fashion Week, we thought we’d take a quick inventory of a few of the more practical lessons we picked up amid the blur of shows and after-parties. First on the docket: the return of the poncho.

This item comes from Thom Browne’s latest crop of Black Fleece gear for Brooks Brothers, and along with the classic trench, it’s his only protection against inclement weather. The fabric is a weather-proofed synthetic, but it still looks pretty dapper when dropped over a black-tie getup. Not bad for an item we were most accustomed to seeing on the shoulders of state troopers.

And if your poncho-lust is so strong that it can’t be held in check until this item hits stores in February, you might want to look into vintage British army capes—just to get you through the rainy season.

Rose, Fleece, and a Few Good Logos


By Any Other Name: Rose Byrne thrills us with her knowledge of New York nightlife. [BlackBook]

The Fleecing of America: Black Fleece prices seem to be declining along with the Dow…but it doesn’t seem to ever go on sale. [The Life Vicarious]

Decline and Fall: A photoset proving Detroit is every bit as bad as you think. [Time]

Graphic Design We Can Believe In: The Obama graphic design team’s greatest hits. Apparently they’re averaging a logo a week. [The Moment]

Thommy Boy


Brooks Brothers is as close as the New World has to a tailoring institution, so we’ve been watching Thom Browne’s contribution to the Black Fleece line particularly closely. And thanks to Selectism, we just got a peek at the latest additions to the line.

Naturally, it’s catnip for trads, but Mr. Browne manages to throw in more than just thin lapels, including his treasured formal shorts, argyle socks, and a two-tone sweater that's not that far from what Paul Smith’s up to these days. (Minus the bird head, naturally.)

Style Guys Do Wear Plaid

  • Jared Paul Stern


Head to toe madras got a boost this summer from the likes of Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne's Black Fleece collection. However, the full-on matching madras suit effect is a bit much, we feel, even in this realm.

Trust that old dog Glenn O'Brien to show us how it should be done. His plaids are complimentary but not identical; what's more they're obviously well-worn and look as if the fabric might be authentically Indian to boot.

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Civic Pride, Small Rewards, and a Double Swimsuit Edition


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Rudeboys, Denim Daredevils and Forward Thinking


A Message to You Rudy: Ska style rises again. [Men.Style]

Thinking Ahead: The warm months are almost here, which means you should start shopping for Fall (but of course). Ransom will give you a head start. [Hypebeast]

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