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Black Flag Haircuts


Hard-Core Cuts: The changing hairstyles of noted dandies Black Flag documented once and for all. [WFMU]

Above the Knee: More timely advice on men's shorts. [NYMag]

Sit, Stay, Good Dog: Taking off on the Japanese waif-boy trend, Korean girls are treating their beaus like pets. As long as we get a tummy rub and a biscuit, we're kinda okay with this. [Geekologie]

Father Knows Best?: The worst TV dads of all time collected just in time for father's day. You can always say to yourself, "Well, at least Pops was no Eric Camden." [Art of Manliness]

Flip Flopper: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion blogger Amanda Brooks can play with our thongs anytime. [Men's Vogue]