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The Days Go Popping By


We’ve seen a fair number of calendars, but now that they’re popping up on laptops and blackberries, the physical item has to offer something a bit more tactile.

For instance, a small popping sound. This bubble calendar lays out the year as a series of inflated puffs waiting to be burst…which is pretty accurate now that we think about it. Special occasions are written in circles around the number, but good luck marking your vacation on it.

You’ll just have to store a note in your phone.

Gadget City


As we mentioned before, we’re on the cusp of an epochal trip to Las Vegas’ own Consumer Electronics Show, with the help of our trusty sponsor Energi to Go. But since the show is roughly the size of Nevada, we thought we’d appeal to our beneficent readership for a few pointers on what you’d like to see.

Anyone yearning for news on the latest Blackberry? Want to see how flat the flatscreens get these days? If so, drop us a line.

On the Phone


Blackberry’s touchscreen model (the poorly named Blackberry Storm) is finally out and, while we knew they were aiming for the boring-businessman demographic, we have to say, it’s a lot less remarkable than we thought.

We understand the appeal of stripped-down utilitarianism as much as anyone, but once you’re throwing in a camera and media player, there’s no good reason not to have a Pandora application and a bubbly generative music program. And, you know, a map or two.



The touchscreen-only phone was a good idea. A very good idea, in fact. So it’s only natural that the rest of the world is still catching up.

Blackberry’s latest model is definitely riding in the wake of a certain much-heralded, much-reported, Jobs-endorsed model we won’t bother to mention, but it has a certain charm all its own, including a remarkably solid email platform. Which was supposed be the point…right?

Plus, you won’t have to bother with AT&T.