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What Your Eye Black Says About You

  • Kempt Staff

Eye Black

Legend has it that during a particularly sunny afternoon game in 1930, Babe Ruth decided he’d try to cut down the glare in his eyes by smearing some grease under them.

Whether or not it worked (studies to this day have found mixed results) doesn’t matter. Because since then, the practice has taken on a life of its own—sometimes resembling war paint, or inscribed with a message, or in one case resembling a handlebar mustache. So, with baseball season in full swing, we thought we’d take a closer look at the modern-day interpretations of eye black to figure out what it all means. Budding MLB stars out there might want to pull out a pen and pad to take notes...

Herewith, a handy guide on the message your eye black is sending to the world.»

Join the Club


We like our socks black, cotton, and plentiful. And unlike most items, we’re open to getting them through nontraditional means. (hat tip to Crains) just launched what can only be described as a sock club for men, pledging a package of three pairs, three times a year.

It’s not a bad plan, and the frequency can be tailored to your own needs…but we wonder if this is a bit too much of a commitment. After nine pairs of dour Peruvian cotton, who’s to say you won’t be yearning for a bit of color?

Get Severe


Men.Style just posted another of their ridiculously influential trend reports. This time around it’s titled “The New Severity,” and while it’s all new enough, we’re not buying the severity part.

As usual, the slideshow tries to trace the common threads between this season’s runway shows, items, and architectural projects, but when it comes time to tie the whole thing together, they come up short. Everyone who’s looked at a stock ticker recently is feeling severe, but all the Condé crowd can come up with on the runways is that there are a few more acute angles going around, and there’s an awful lot of gray and black. But…isn’t there always?

And if this Duckie Brown jacket projects anything but Old Vegas opulence, we’re certainly missing it.