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In It For the Glory


We’ve had our eye on Quentin Tarantino’s *Inglorious Bastards* for a while now, but this snap is the first sign that it might be a breath of fresh air on the style front.

*Bastards* is Tarantino’s take on war movies—specifically *The Dirty Dozen*, which deserves a post all its own—and rumors have been swirling around it since the script leaked onto the internet. Since then, there’s been a steady stream of casting rumors, including *The Office*’s B. J. Novak as “the little one,” torturey director Eli Roth as Donny Donowitz a.k.a. “the Bear Jew,” and, of course, Mr. Jolie playing Lt. Aldo Raine, the group’s leader. In other words, it’s classic Tarantino madness, with equal doses of ultra-violence, obscure filmic references and general profanity.

And anyone interested in army boots and coarse wool coats is about to get a big boost of inspiration…and maybe even sales.