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The 70 Greatest Sweaters of All Time

  • Najib Benouar

For centuries, mankind has relied on sweaters for winter layering and autumn-night warmth. But beyond that, they’ve been something of an afterthought. Until today.

Because today we’re celebrating the venerable garment in all of its forms by counting down the 70 greatest moments in sweaterdom—from lumpy cardigans to clingy cashmere hugging the shapely, we’ve found them all. And we’ve assembled them in full splendor.

Without further ado, the 70 greatest sweaters in the world.»

Cosby: Before the Sweater

The Cosby Sweater. Never before have a man and an article of clothing been more intimately linked. But it’s also important to remember that Cliff Huxtable’s Fruity Pebble patterns were confined to the 1980s—and a fictional character. Sartorially, young Coz (the standup comedian, the jazz drummer, the track-and-field star) made some strong (to quite strong) style choices, combining Malcolm X’s formality, Barack Obama’s collegiate ’fro and Johnny Carson’s panache. The result was (and remains) a very good thing.

Cosby: Before the Sweater—A Kempt Pictorial»

Style Advice for U.S. Congressmen

Barney Frank

Congressmen: While we did not elect you for your fashion sense, and we understand that you are not Senators, please remember that you are representing us in all capacities. So might we respectfully suggest that you ease off the Cosby cardigans and, you know, class it up a bit? (Mr. Frank, we understand you were wearing a cast in the above photo, but that is no excuse for standing in the House Chamber looking like a chilly American tourist.)

As we discussed yesterday, one of the most stylish guys in the House has decided against seeking reelection, so the rest of you are going to need to pick up the slack—and bring it to a decent tailor.

It would require the slightest of adjustments...»

Candice Has a Fold-Out Futon

The Women of Now: Esquire commits to the grand product of photographing everyday women in their apartments in lingerie. God’s work, gentlemen. [Esquire]

The Cult of Streetwear: Ever wondered why people are so intense about Supreme? Here’s a multipart long-form piece to answer the question. [Business of Fashion]

Because of Coz: The Paley Center gives Bill Cosby some much-deserved love, from his stand-up years to the Huxtables. Love that guy. [NYTimes]

Canvassing the Block: The latest Lands’ End Canvas, courtesy of Justin Bridges. Handsome stuff all around. [tucked]

Great Moments in Sitcom History: A Eulogy—Part 3

Part One: “We Gather Together”—The Cosby Show Part Two: “The 20 Year Callback”—The Newhart Finale

“Delightful Accidents and Fortuitous Blunders" Friends, The Jack Benny Show, Seinfeld

On a cold morning in 1930, Ruth Graves Wakefield, the innkeeper/chef at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, was preparing her famous Butter Drop Do chocolate cookies when she realized she was fresh out of baker’s chocolate. Improvising, she found a semi-sweet chocolate bar (that had been given to her by Andrew Nestle) and cut it into little pieces, expecting the pieces to liquefy and absorb into the dough.

To Ruth’s chagrin, though, the tray she (carefully) removed from the oven did not contain Butter Drop Do chocolate cookies. It did, however, contain butter cookies stuffed with slightly softened chocolate chunks. And so began America’s braying waddle toward childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The point is, like chocolate chip cookies, several of the most iconic moments in sitcom history were the result of delightful accidents and fortuitous blunders...»

Great Moments in Sitcom History: A Eulogy (Part 1 of 5)

Two and a Half Men was the most popular sitcom on television last year, averaging 13.1 million viewers. In the 1987-1988 season, The Cosby Show averaged 30 million viewers. In fact, 19 sitcoms that year had more viewers than Two and a Half Men, including Night Court (20.2M), Kate & Allie (15.9M), My Sister Sam (15.2M) and ALF (14.4M).

With thousands of cable and DirectTV channels to choose from, along with Netflix streaming and AppleTV and the ever-expanding World Wide Web, fewer people watch the same shows.

Maybe that’s why sitcoms don’t feel the same anymore...»

For a Good Cos


Bill Cosby is a pretty unlikely style icon, but we’re willing to bite. He’s put three of his iconic sweaters up for auction on eBay, and so far no one’s taken the bait.

We have to admit, we’re a little surprised. These jazzy numbers pack more 80s baggage than all the Members Only jackets and guyliner in SoHo. And it’s to benefit the Cos’s education charity, so high-rollers shouldn’t balk at the four-figure price tag. Maybe M.I.A. wants one?

More on the Cos»