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Eva Longoria Will Not Sit in Santa’s Lap

  • Kempt Staff

Let the Countdown Begin: GQ has begun counting down the 25 most stylish guys of 2012 from last to first. (Meaning there’s still a chance you’re in the top 10.) [GQ]

Who Hash: If watching Big Boi read his version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, possibly nothing will. [AV Club]

Cash Rules: Now you can own a piece of Andy Warhol art that was once worth at least one dollar, for 300 bucks. [Details]

Throwing Shade: Testing the theory that aviator sunglasses can make anyone badass. Even Abe Lincoln. [Vulture]

Elisabeth Shue Is a Model American

  • Najib Benouar


State of the Union: Esquire rounds up interviewees' thoughts on the nation. God Bless America. And Alyssa Milano. [Esquire]

Loving Cup: Is Bill Simmons the Manchurian Soccer Candidate? [Page2]

Big Time: Big Boi's new solo album is streaming now. To remind you why you should take heed, he’s put together a retrospective of his finer lyrical moments entitled Big Boi MixTape For Dummies. [LATimes]

Mad Hype: Mad Men wardrobe designer Janie Bryant heads to the costume truck, giving a sneak peek at the upcoming season’s looks. Draper’s suits will be getting darker, to match his storyline. Should prove challenging, since he’s already living a pretty charcoal life. [AMC]