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Cycling Icon: Jacques Anquetil

  • N.B.


This year’s Tour de France already had us waxing nostalgic on the golden age of cycling—and the wealth of achingly cool vintage photos of cycling great Jacques Anquetil have only served to strengthen our lament for that bygone era.

The guy was larger than life: his latest biography was entitled Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape, he was the first cyclist to win the Tour de France five times, and his exploits espoused the era of jetset ’60s playboy. And, most impressively, he actually managed to make wearing one of those funny little ball caps look cool.

We celebrate one of cycling’s most stylish and flamboyant riders in five iconic photos.»

Seven Essential Cycling Upgrades

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


News flash: it’s hot out there. By “there,” we mean everywhere. The sun is oppressive, and the humidity pervasive.

Of course, there are the traditional remedies: Slip ’N Slides, ice baths, water-balloon fights and the like. But sometimes, there’s no better way to shake the thick summer heat than hopping on your bike and getting a bit of wind in your hair. And as always, we think you should look good doing it.

So we searched high and low for the sartorial upgrades your summer cycling requires.

Check out all seven after the jump.»

Sheridyn Fisher Is Staring into the Sun

  • Kempt Staff

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Bike Style


Around this time of year, a two-wheeled jaunt through the city starts to look pretty good—provided you can do it without looking like a bike messenger. To help you face down the considerable challenge of looking good on a bike, we sat down with Aldan Shank of Seattle’s Hub and Bespoke—a combination bike shop and boutique—for a primer on sophisticated bike style.

Wool shirts, slim jeans and the secrets of bike style…»

Check Your Head


Our enthusiasm for biking has been dampened by one simple, easily overlooked fact: Bike helmets tend to be incredibly ugly. Luckily, a few newer models have started taking a pointers from the flatter skateboard helmets and—in this case—worked in some actual fabric.

This Lacoste helmet manages the difficult trick of being both eco-friendly and sartorially accomplished. The first count comes from subbing in soft cork for the usual styrafoam. The second comes courtesy of our old friend the flat cap, which they wisely adopted as a style guide. Naturally, this one’s a bit beefier. It’s got a job to do.

Getting Warmer


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For the Planet: Because it’s made of the cheapest, most plentiful wood on Earth, the bamboo bicycle retails for $3000. [PSFK]

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