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On the Importance of 1993, Beyoncé’s Hips and Fake Tanner

  • Kempt Staff


93 Till Infinity: Vulture explores the idea that 1993 changed the world—including lesser-known facts, like that was the year Moby got his first EarthLink account.

Ravishing Rick: With the news of Richard III’s exhumed bones in a Leicester, England, parking lot, Vanity Fair imagines how that might inform a high schooler’s essay on the eponymous Shakespeare play.

African-Americana: NPR delves deep into Beyoncé’s halftime performance—charting it from its vaudevillian roots to its current-day significance in pop culture and beyond.

But of Kors: GQ gets some timely tips from Michael Kors on playing to your strengths and using fake tanner.

Beyoncé Is Still Running the World

Beyoncevia GQ UK

Emeralds and Stone: John Jeremiah Sullivan (of Pulphead fame) stops by the Times for a long-form ode to Ireland. Hands down, one of the best things you’ll read all year. [NYTimes]

The Gatekeeper: Jo Piazza tracks down the keeper of the master Fashion Week calendar—a 90-something Upper East Side doyenne, naturally. [WSJ]

The Cloon, in His Habitat: A satellite tour of George Clooney’s house. It sells itself. [Vanity Fair]

Twilight of the Gods: Is Gus Johnson a terrible broadcaster? Will Leitch has some opinions on the matter. [The Sports Section]

Beyoncé Will Not Allow You To Leave The Boudoir

The Battle of the Bowtie: A symposium on whether men should wear bow ties. We’ll admit this much: it’s an advanced move. [Esquire]

The Khaki of Our Lives: Details sings the praises of Dockers’ Alpha Khaki. We wholeheartedly agree. [Details]

From the Source: A 90-second video opus on knowing where your clothes come from—wherever that may be. [Etsy]

The London Barber: Your good deed of the day, courtesy of a 40-year-old barbershop in need of a few repairs. [Keep Aaron Cutting]

Lily Cole is Gilliamesque


Cole in the Stocking: Lily Cole hits the Interview circuit. [Interview]

Here Come the Wolves: In the top ten viral videos of 2009, the Twilight trailer beats out Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” For the first time in my young life, I feel somewhat betrayed by the internet. [TechCrunch]

I Turn My Camera On: A gentleman’s guide to the bewildering world of digital cameras. [Gizmodo]

In Bad Health: Men’s Health accidentally repeats a cover. The sound you hear is hundreds of people smacking their hands to their foreheads. [Gawker]

Ginta Lapina is Bundled Up


Furries: Actually, that may be an animal of some kind… [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Ring the Alarm: Malaysia tries to ban Beyoncé, ignoring the desires of all the single ladies in Malaysia. [BlackBook]

Sparks Will Fly: Five eco-outfitted cars get the blog treatment. To be fair, we’re not sure installing an electric motor qualifies as “pimping out” a car. [Inhabitat]

Moskowitz, No!: Seymour Cassel, also known as Max Fischer’s dad, cannot keep his hands to himself. [The Wrap]

Booze, Beyonce & The Art Economy


Just Because Jay-Z Does It: Do you think Beyonce will look back and be sated by an engagement tattoo? Why Bristol Palin, Tommy Lee and Jigga are bleeding ink all over tradition [NY Times]

For What Ails You: Queer Eye expatriate Ted Allen finally cracks a compelling case in his gastro show Food Detectives. Instead of identifying ambiguous mushrooms, his culinary genius finally serves your hangover, not your taste buds. [Men.Style]

Winning Season: GQ takes a crack at updating Brett Favre for autumn style in New York and, hopefully, dancing in the end zone. [GQ]

What Recession?: Controversial commodity Damien Hirst sells $127 million worth of art. Including that Indiana Jones-looking skull. [Yahoo]

Geishas, Ties and Monograms


Mr. & Mrs. Z: Jay-Z once rapped,"Y'all be frontin', me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothin', never happen', I'll be forever mackin." He lied. [US Magazine]

"Why does anyone in New York buy ties fully priced?": Good question, mate. [Permanent Style]

Team Polo: While the Olympic Torch is struggling to stay lit, Ralph is busy outfitting American athletes. [Reuters]

Party Politics: Pro war. Anti war. Conservative. Liberal. The only thing that really matters is where the candidates stand on beer issues. [Huffington Post]

Fresh Fruit: BR Monogram opens today in the Village. [WWD]

Kempt Kept Men: Thanks to the changing face of Japanese sexual politics you can finally be a geisha. [CNN]

Dirty Dita, Cavemen and Comme des Garçons Goes to The Mall


Bathing Beauty: Get out your water wings and take a dive with Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. [Men's Vogue]

Rock-A-Fellas: It's shaping up to be a banner week for ex-label mates and eternal hustlers Damon Dash and Jay-Z. [NME]

On The Trail: Will this campaign season ever end? [Guardian UK]

Ol' Blighty: Meanwhile the sceptred isle has its own sartorial issues. [Daily Mail UK]

Style Points: This seasonal scorecard of surviving menswear designers is probably the best digest of critiques we've seen all year... except our own, of course. [NYTimes]

Shock Teese: Our favorite burlesque star, Frau Dita Von Teese, once - surprise, surprise - filmed some kinky girl-on-girl porn, some of it hot, some of (particularly the bit with the shoes) not so much. Not to worry, we still file her under "classy broad." [Fleshbot, soooo NSFW]

Budget Kawakubo: H+M will borrow the outré edge of Comme des Garçons for a limited line this November. [Vogue UK]

Spelunking: Share your mancave with the world. [CNN iReport]

Guy Liner: Pete Wentz creates a make-up line for men, you know, because buying women's make up is kinda gay. [Styledash]

Deal Alert: Get your Hicky's. [Racked]