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On the Importance of 1993, Beyoncé’s Hips and Fake Tanner

  • Kempt Staff


93 Till Infinity: Vulture explores the idea that 1993 changed the world—including lesser-known facts, like that was the year Moby got his first EarthLink account.

Ravishing Rick: With the news of Richard III’s exhumed bones in a Leicester, England, parking lot, Vanity Fair imagines how that might inform a high schooler’s essay on the eponymous Shakespeare play.

African-Americana: NPR delves deep into Beyoncé’s halftime performance—charting it from its vaudevillian roots to its current-day significance in pop culture and beyond.

But of Kors: GQ gets some timely tips from Michael Kors on playing to your strengths and using fake tanner.

Beyoncé Is Still Running the World

Beyoncevia GQ UK

Emeralds and Stone: John Jeremiah Sullivan (of Pulphead fame) stops by the Times for a long-form ode to Ireland. Hands down, one of the best things you’ll read all year. [NYTimes]

The Gatekeeper: Jo Piazza tracks down the keeper of the master Fashion Week calendar—a 90-something Upper East Side doyenne, naturally. [WSJ]

The Cloon, in His Habitat: A satellite tour of George Clooney’s house. It sells itself. [Vanity Fair]

Twilight of the Gods: Is Gus Johnson a terrible broadcaster? Will Leitch has some opinions on the matter. [The Sports Section]

Beyoncé Will Not Allow You To Leave The Boudoir

The Battle of the Bowtie: A symposium on whether men should wear bow ties. We’ll admit this much: it’s an advanced move. [Esquire]

The Khaki of Our Lives: Details sings the praises of Dockers’ Alpha Khaki. We wholeheartedly agree. [Details]

From the Source: A 90-second video opus on knowing where your clothes come from—wherever that may be. [Etsy]

The London Barber: Your good deed of the day, courtesy of a 40-year-old barbershop in need of a few repairs. [Keep Aaron Cutting]