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The Untold Charms of Being Well-Dressed

  • Najib Benouar

This snap comes from the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, where fashion’s favorite perma-grinning photog Terry Richardson followed Ms. Kate Upton about her day at the Beverly Hills Hotel—sunning poolside, wearing floppy hats, the usual—until our favorite bow-tie-wielding comedian Aziz Ansari suddenly entered, frame right. It’s hard to know exactly why he’s in this single photo, but we’ve got a hunch...

And it has to do with dressing the part.»

Mrs. Robinson, Micro-Wales, and Rude Clerks


Wild Combination: Helena Christensen, Chuck Bass, Terry Richardson, and Harper’s Bazaar: everybody wins. Even the ladymags get one right occasionally. [Jezebel]

Going Public: Apparently the collapse of the publishing industry is going to involve a lot of micro-wale corduroy suits. [Vulture]

The Grand Design: Beverly Hills’ favorite architect finally gets the star treatment, via a profile in Vanity Fair. [Vanity Fair]

Retail Therapy: It’s getting so bad out there that Madison Avenue’s infamously snooty shops are being forced into (gasp!) politeness. [NYTimes]

Put a Bit of Stick About

  • Jared Paul Stern


Once upon a time, in a more graceful age, a gentleman wouldn't dream of leaving the house without certain items, including a hat of course but also of equal importance, a walking stick. This had nothing to do with infirmity, though it wasn't always purely ornamental either. There was a thriving trade in walking sticks of every description, some ingeniously made to conceal all manner of items a gentleman might find useful on his travels.

The walking stick, considered»

Bunny Love

  • Jared Paul Stern


Hugh Hefner must have had a good chuckle over our post on the porta-nymphs at the Hugo Boss / *Interview* party the other day. “Ha,” we can practically hear him snort, “fucking amateurs.” They should have known better than to try and bite his style.

At the *Playboy* founder's own pre-ESPY Awards party with Blu-Ray the other night in Beverly Hills, he not only had the nymphs—he had them *make out*.

More on Hef's response»