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The State of the Apron

  • Najib Benouar


Memorial Day weekend is only four days away.

Sure, it’s got us looking forward to the prospect of dusting off the white bucks, but we’re mostly excited to roll out the barbecue grill for the season and fill up a cooler with ice and beer.

And anyone who’s manned a grill in this modern era understands that a handsome apron is par for the course. Blame it on a few overeager souls who took the heritage trend a little too seriously—or a captive audience willing to spend countless hours reading up on 1930s butcher shops and perusing handlebar-laden Tumblrs—but the apron scene is perhaps hotter than it’s ever been. So we took a moment to check in on the state of the apron, to see what’s out there these days (luckily, another side effect of the heritage trend is that they’re all going to last you a lot longer than a dozen tanks of propane).

Herewith, your guide to the new world of the menswear apron.»

An Axe to Grind

  • Najib Benouar

This tough-as-nails new bag from the outdoorsy aesthetes at Best Made Company is handsome enough on its own, but the nifty loops below the handles allow you to bring an axe along. Though we wouldn’t recommend hopping on a subway with a large blade—the bag’s slim profile is better suited to the city than as a weekender. But this might be the most handsome replacement for your inter-office softball gym bag you’ll ever find. Which is perfect, since you already like to call your Louisville Slugger your axe.

Axe Porn


As you probably know, Best Made Axes are pretty handsome. But as any good customer should know, they have another purpose: chopping firewood.

To educate the consumers on that point, Best Made Co. recruited a cinematographer and a high-speed camera to record a series of five shorts known simply as Chop. Put simply, it’s a series of 1/40th speed shots of axes doing what they were made for. The result is something between an art film and a how-to video—and it does a pretty good job of showing how good a day of wood-splitting can feel. They’ll be rolling out the videos online this fall, but you can check out the trailer here»