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Get Well

If you play around with an ax for long enough, eventually you’re going to need a first aid kit.

So it’s only natural that the gentleman behind Best Made Axes would eventually get into the first-aid business. This metal box holds everything you’d expect—bandages, antiseptic wipes, and so on—but it’s also handsome enough to hang on your cabin wall instead of stashing it under the sink.

If you’re less worried about the design, there’s always the plain-old plastic version…but where’s the fun in that?

For That “Urban Miner” Look


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the retail world is having you on.

In the proud tradition of Best Made Axes, St. Liberty has put out a limited edition of lacquered pickaxes, retailing at $125 and befuddling bloggers starting today.

Unlike an axe, which you could plausibly use to chop wood, this one’s just furniture. Unless you’ve got a recreational coal mine connected to your cottage upstate—and if so, congratulations—this one’s going to be sitting on your wall until the zombie apocalypse comes. It’s handsome enough…but we can’t help but feel some line has been crossed.

Axe Porn


As you probably know, Best Made Axes are pretty handsome. But as any good customer should know, they have another purpose: chopping firewood.

To educate the consumers on that point, Best Made Co. recruited a cinematographer and a high-speed camera to record a series of five shorts known simply as Chop. Put simply, it’s a series of 1/40th speed shots of axes doing what they were made for. The result is something between an art film and a how-to video—and it does a pretty good job of showing how good a day of wood-splitting can feel. They’ll be rolling out the videos online this fall, but you can check out the trailer here»