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From the Feet Up: Esquire gives us a whiff of the newest offerings from shoemaker Berluti... for above the ankle. [Esquire]

Menswear Gets Weird: A particularly spot-on countdown of the most important menswear moments of the past year. [Four Pins]

Winning Time: And just in case you were wondering who “won 2012,” here’s a very scientific breakdown of that. [Grantland]

In Memoriam: An insightful reflection on the great people we said goodbye to in 2012—from spaceman to Beastie Boy. [NY Times]

Berluti Does Suits

Berluti’s one of the best Italian shoemakers you’re likely to find, but as of this year they’re busting into full-scale menswear, with chalk-stripe suits, subtle homburgs and enough louche style to shut down Tumblr. We got our first look at Paris Fashion Week, and there’s plenty more where that came from. Of course, the Fashion Week hustle means you won’t get your hands on any of it until a year from August... but it can’t hurt to look.