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Heritage Lost, Google’s Hit List and Berlin’s Handsome Subway Stations

  • Kempt Staff


Strong Willis: A Continuous Lean explores the rise and fall (and subsequent re-rise and re-fall) of legendary American expedition outfitters Willis & Geiger.

Google Melee: In the wake of Google’s spring cleaning of five products—most notably, Google Reader—Wired names the next five Google products on the chopping block.

Underground Snapper: Take a photographic safari through all 173 of Berlin’s U-Bahn stations, courtesy of Kate Seabrook.

The Power of Doves: The Atlantic asks the hard questions on why there aren’t any women magicians to speak of.

Michelle Pfeiffer is the Only Catwoman


Knightlife: Casting news comes down the pike on Nolan’s third Batman, confirming Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Naturally, we’re a bit nostalgic… [/Film]

This Sporting Life: The Quarterly takes a look at our favorite sports blog, Deadspin, and displays admirable restraint in avoiding Favre jokes. [GQ]

Benz, Not Breaks: Berlin Fashion Week unveils a set of Mercedes Benz-related sculptures. [Cool Hunting]

Well Polished: Advanced tips from the world of high-gloss shoe maintenance. [Mister Crew]

The Man of the Hour of the Year

As 2010 draws to a close, we feel a solemn duty to break from our weekly MOTHing and name the single best-dressed man of the year. It was a good year for lots of gentlemen of style—Mr. Ronson, Mr. Almodóvar, even Kanye had his moments—but we’re giving the crown to someone a bit less widely known…

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Peter, a retired chef in Berlin with a badass walking stick and a penchant for purple trainers.

He popped onto our radar thanks to Stil in Berlin (one of our favorite finds of 2010, not coincidentally), and he manages to cram nearly half a dozen unorthodox moves into one outfit. It’s the kind of exuberant dandyism that makes us happy about the whole enterprise of style—and all the more so since he’s hardly the type you’re likely to see on a runway.

Shine on, sir.

Bike Friendly


Khakis usually make for unusually bad biking pants—the pant cuff tends to find its way into the bike gears, except on the slimmest of the slim fit—but Dockers gave their pants a run for its money in one of the toughest gigs in the biking world: Berlin’s World Bike Polo Championship.

These scruffy gents are from the American team, bankrolled and (more importantly) outfitted by Dockers. The slim tapered pair on the left seems to have escaped any chain-related chewing, which speaks for the experiment pretty well—although we’d like to see those pant legs rolled up a little more. Still, count it as one more reason to avoid anything that describes itself as “relaxed fit.”

To the Letter


A well-made neon sign is a thing of beauty, even if they rarely make it into museums. But Berlin’s Buchstaben Museum corrects the injustice, to the delight of font nerds everywhere. The name translates to “Museum of Letters,” which is more or less what you’ll find inside: a glorious clutter of vintage signs, sourced from across Europe. Feast your eyes.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Felix


This week’s MOTH finds us digging deep into the internet—a German street style blog, to be specific—to find a punk-inflected Berliner named Felix (note the piercings) who has managed to masquerade a respectable member of square society with the help of a modified vintage Burberry trench. As it happens, that's one of the top brands on eBay and in the vintage hunt in general, and this is a pretty good explanation of why.

Underneath it all, he’s sporting the same gray t-shirt as all the other 21-year-olds in town, but a well-chosen piece of outerwear is enough to elevate the whole thing. And no, that popped collar isn’t fooling anyone.

A Touch of Silver Can Be Quite Distinguished


Here’s a new idea for saving print: Frisbees. Hypebeast just turned us on to Berlin’s own Freestyle Magazine, who just released their second issue. It’s distinguished by two remarkable feats. First, they continue their commitment to shipping every issue with a Frisbee—in this case, a Paul Smith-designed disc with the slogan “Take Pleasure Seriously.” Second, they managed to convince Sir Smith himself to indulge in silver face paint, presumably by appealing to his inner Bowie. Read it while listening to Kraftwerk.

The Streets is Watchin’


Street art has always been a bit too politically prickly to fit in with the web 2.0 crowd…but that’s no reason to stop trying. After all, populism is populism, and if street artists managed to make nice with auction houses, who’s to say they can’t fit a few iPhones into their repertoire?

Adidas’s new Urban Art Guide (via NotCot) is one of the first tries, and it handles it as well as could be hoped…at least, if you live in Berlin.

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The Boys from Berlin

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

When it first came out in 1973, Lou Reed's tragic rock opera *Berlin*disappointed fans who'd been expecting an upbeat follow-up to his glam opus *Transformer*. Left to gather dust, it took twenty years for critical opinion to come around and finally dub it a masterwork.

Larger-than-life artist/auteur Julian Schnabel had, of course, always been a believer»