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Jack Spade’s New Watches, Visiting Club Monaco’s HQ and Mick Jagger’s Watch Collection

  • Kempt Staff

Jagger, Mick & Lennon, John & Ono, Yoko

No Jewels: Valet gets a look at Jack Spade’s newly launched line of watches, replete with witty details like “not Swiss” printed on the dials.

Clubhouse: Esquire visits the office of Club Monaco designer Aaron Levine—which he refers to as his “working ranch.”

Heart Rate vs. Hemline: David Coggins considers the perilous state of exercise clothing in Bergdorf Goodman’s latest editorial.

Pre-Vintage: Hodinkee discovers that Mick Jagger was a Heuer chronograph aficionado in the 1970s.

Beyond the Tux: Evaluating the Tuxedo Slipper

  • Najib Benouar

Black Tie header

With the triumphant return of black tie to red carpets everywhere over the past few awards seasons, we’re especially looking forward to the upcoming Oscars. But with the parades of grosgrain on each red carpet ever-growing, it begs the question: what makes one tuxedo different from—or better than—another? So this week we’ll be dissecting the few subtle nuances to keep an eye out for on Sunday—and to consider incorporating into your own formalwear routine.

First up: the tuxedo slipper. It’s the traditional footwear of the black-tie trads, and if you’re adventurous enough to forgo the ubiquitous patent leather lace-ups, we’ve got a few ideas for you:

Evaluating the many forms of the tuxedo slipper.»

Elizabeth, I’m Coming Back as a Scarf

  • Kempt Staff

via Fashion Faves

Old Jack City: Making the case for an unlikely icon in Law & Order’s Detective Jack McCoy—who apparently had a penchant for Barbour. [Well Spent]

Yung Berg: A cautionary tale for anyone thinking of starting a blog titled with a Bergdorf Goodman pun, courtesy of a blogger who lived to tell his tale. [Four Pins]

Tennis Topper: The Trad schools us on the long-lost tennis hat—not to be confused with the currently trending bucket. [The Trad]

Four More Beers!: It seems that President Obama has been bootlegging White House–brewed beer on his campaign bus. That’s just plain awesome. [NPR]

Kate Upton is Wearing a Tablecloth

The Sale of Sales: Sid Mashburn’s late winter sale is in full swing, and it’s moving fast. The pants are already gone, and the shirts are soon to follow. The race is to the swift. [Sid Mashburn]

The Work Continues: The Scout catches up with Takashi Tateno, the man behind Japan’s heroic Workers site. Workwear at its finest. [The Scout]

Foreign Climes: A spectacular globe-trotting pictorial from Bergdorf Goodman. [Bergdorf Goodman]

All American: An overdue salute to Jim Thorpe, one of the early juggernauts of football. [Bench & Loom]

The Dog Days

Yes, the holidays are chaotic: stores are packed. Traveling is a nightmare. Hangovers come in size XXL. But they’re also whimsical: the sweaters. Drunk Santa. Singing about snowmen.

Our advice? Embrace it all. Like an adorable doggy video on Kempt, it only comes once a year.

To that end, we’d like to tip our hat to the folks at Bergdorf Goodman for the short film Unleashed, which features a pack of dogs running wild through Bergdorf’s various departments in search of the perfect gift for their owners. Maybe it’s the eggnog talking, but we think it perfectly encapsulates two dominant themes of the holidays: chaos and whimsy.

Note: Film is best viewed after three to five glasses of eggnog...»

A Night on the Town

Fashion’s Night Out is upon us, and in a mere eight hours, some of menswear’s best brands are going to unleash all manner of silliness upon us.

We’ll have a more detailed report tomorrow morning (hangover permitting), but we wanted to single out two noteworthy events. First, Warby Parker is continuing their Buddy Holly homage with a tribute show from Justin Townes Earle. Second, David Coggins is participating in something called “Whisker Wars” with Sloane Crosley and, somewhat confusingly, Whoopi Goldberg.

Naturally, we’re a bit curious.

Evidently there’s been a fierce debate raging over the relative merits of a beard, and the interest of heading off fisticuffs, Bergdorf Goodman has elected to settle the matter in a public forum at the mens’ shop, starting at 7:30.

The above picture is an artist’s rendering of what it will look like, if you squint and imagine Mr. Coggins as the Oscar-winning star of Hook.

Introducing Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder was one of the great heroes of this year’s market week, impressing with a blend of stripped-down sportswear and continental tailoring. In short, it’s a more elegant take on the staples of menswear—the kind of thing you’d expect from a former creative director of J. Crew.

And now, it’s all finally trickling online.

Unionmade just unveiled seven pieces from his fall/winter crop, including a selvedge oxford shirt and a linen crewneck that might be the best sweatshirt we’ve seen all year.

And if that whets your appetite, you may be able to see the rest in person. Word is, the Bergdorf Goodman in New York is showing the full line by appointment. Just think of it as the early edition.

Not My Department


The New York department stores seem to be taking a page from stockbrokers—the page marked “frenzied panic.”

It was only a few weeks ago that Barneys and Bloomingdale’s announced a simultaneous across the board 40% markdown, but it looks there’s no bottom. Barneys has since raised the number to 60%, with Bergdorf and Saks offering up to 70%. It’s a feeding frenzy, and it has very little to do with Christmas.

Our take on the madness»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Manolo Blahnik

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Manolo Blahnik's name is of course familiar to shoe fetishists and *Sex & the City* slatterns. Quite apart from that however he is also one of the world's best-dressed men. The dapper designer has both the panache and gravitas to pull off the old school double-breasted suit and bowtie look in a way that few men really can. Note that he does not look remotely silly even when clutching a satin stiletto (he's about to sign it for some Bergdorf Blondes, not try it on).

Note also the ticket pocket and turned-back cuffs on the jacket which fairly shout “bespoke”; the jacquard bowtie of perfect proportion, disheveled just enough so that there can be no question of its being one of those horrific pre-tied affairs; the natty tortoiseshell specs; and the bodacious boutonniere, a nice Wildean touch. Whether he chose the suit to match the shoe we wouldn't venture to say.

Thom vs. Tom, Harrison Clears Brush and The Art of the Shave


Super Villians: Roberto Piqueras dresses the gay Legion of Doom. [Skeleton Legs]

Tom Ford and Thom Browne Square off at Bergdorfs: And somehow Pee Wee Herman is the ref. [NYTimes]

Aqua Man: Meanwhile, down the hall at Thursday Styles, Mike Albo hunts down beachwear. [NYTimes]

Deforestation: Harrison Ford makes the ultimate sacrifice for the environment. [NYDaily News]

A Close Shave: The return of the barbershop (without Ice Cube). [Art of Manliness]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Isaac Mizrahi

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Dashing designer Isaac Mizrahi makes a splash but always stays on the safe side of zany—no easy feat when you're establishing yourself as a too-*beaucoup* TV personality. Though his women's clothes and various bringing-style-to-the-masses projects get all the attention, he turned out a damn fine men's collection for Fall 2008, which was good enough to get the nod from Bergdorf's.

More on Mr. Mizrahi»