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Kempt Man of the Hour: Simon Hammerstein

Friday night saw one of the better parties LA’s had in quite some time: a pop-up of burlesque club The Box, on the west coast for one night only.

The man behind it, commissioned by Belvedere Red, was the magnificently bearded Simon Hammerstein—proprietor and creative director of the Box. Naturally, he brought out his best suit and his best pair of Barker Black slippers for the occasion. He even pulled off the oft-maligned French blue shirt, to the chagrin of bloggers everywhere. It’s a lesson: if you keep your clothes simple and your fabrics dark, there’s nothing scary about a more vivid shade of blue.

And given that the crowd included Jon Hamm, Andre Balazs and Lydia Hearst, coming away as the best-dressed of the night was no small feat.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Zac Posen

It’s a time-tested rule: designers have all the fun.

Take Zac Posen’s latest three-piece as your first example, spotted at the Belvedere Bloody Mary launch. It’s the kind of outsized elegance most gentlemen don’t dare attempt, but all it takes is a good tailor and a knack for details. Our favorite touch might be the shawl-collar on his waistcoat, a trick you usually see on gentleman twice his age and double his belt size. Throw in a knit tie to complete the blue-and-gray spectrum, and he’s ready for the hall of fame.

The banker’s collar isn’t exactly on-trend—but when you’re wearing this kind of getup, you’re allowed to blaze a few trails. After this, we might have to break our own out of storage.

Remy, Ma


David LaChapelle has done a lot—from a very respectable MTV catalog to a long, long history taking pictures of beautiful women—but this is the first time he’s turned his attention to a liquor bottle.

The bottle in question is Remy Martin’s V.S.O.P., a cognac aimed at the nightlife crowd, so it makes sense that they turned to Jazz Age icon Josephine Baker for inspiration. The overall effect may be more Miami than Paris, but we aren’t complaining. In fact, we like the way this trend is headed. Before too long, we’ll be seeing Takashi Murakami’s take on a Sapporo can and Belvedere bottles decorated with Terry Richardson’s nudes.

We can’t wait.



Our friends at UrbanDaddy have a set up a little site with Belvedere Vodka called Keys to the City with video interviews from New York nightlife pros. Our personal favorite among the stories comes from the Pink Elephant guru David Sarner, who takes the cake with his story of working as a bouncer at 54 while he was still in high school. There’s also a contest involved, which you might want to check out if you happen to be in New York.

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