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The Six Belts to Consider This Summer

  • Kempt Staff


You’ve probably already switched out your leather watch strap for a ribbon one on your wrist—and the same logic applies to your waist.

Which means ditching the thick leather belt for something breezier. There are plenty of options out there—from the surcingle to the Southern Hemisphere favorite faja—so we took the liberty of rounding up the best on the market this season.

Herewith, the six belts to consider this summer.»

Your New Custom-Belt Hookup

  • Najib Benouar


More often than not, belts are an afterthought (as long as they’re doing their job of keeping your pants up).

But today we’d like to direct your attention to our friends over at UrbanDaddy Perks, who are knocking 10 bucks off a custom belt from BeltCraft (plus a few more if you’re an user). You can choose between leather, suede or cotton webbing, and equip it with all the trimmings you desire—we’re partial to surcingle and striped ribbon, ourselves. And if you happen to design something particularly noteworthy, it will be posted for others to consider buying straight up.

It’s never too late to get into the belt-designing business.

Head to Toe: Madras

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


The 113th US Open went off this weekend, and it had us pining for the glory days of golf fashion. Back when the hair was feathered, the caps were newsboy and the prints were bold.

The ostentatious culture peaked around the time of Caddyshack, but thankfully, some pieces have remained steadfast. Most notably, madras.

The fabric is lightweight, easy to maintain and stays sharp when traditional suiting would fold under wrinkle-inducing humidity. So versatile, you can pretty much find any garment rocking its signature tartans. Hence, we went ahead and found all the gear necessary to don you from head to toe.

Wearing them all at once, well, that’s a lifestyle choice you’ll have to make for yourself.»


  • Najib Benouar

Everyone’s favorite Southern gentleman-haberdasher, Sid Mashburn, has just put a sweeping range of blazers, canvas shorts and belts on sale. There’s really nowhere to go wrong, but if you’re in the market for a navy hopsack suit or a gun-check blazer, you’re in luck—Mashburn’s off-the-rack tailoring is highly sought after. Which means the clock is ticking...

Gearing Up for the Derby

  • Najib Benouar

The Kentucky Derby, better known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” is happening this Saturday. And while the ponies are the main attraction, it’s always been just as much about the decorum, the dress and the drinking—making it one of the more anticipated sporting events of the year. Even if you’re not making it out to Churchill Downs, we’re betting you’ll have a mint julep in hand come weekend.

So, in commemoration of this remarkably dapper sporting event (and a founder with roots in Louisville), the SF-based shirt impresarios at Taylor Stitch have come up with a Derby Days limited run of shirts, ties, totes and belts stamped with golden bears, horses, Derby spires and more. Our favorite of the bunch is this handmade leather tab belt. Of all the items in your closet that can pass for “generally Derby-esque,” we’re guessing nothing's got the hallmark spires of Churchill Downs. (Guaranteed to make the julep in hand feel more authentic.) And if you happen to be in Louisville for the big day, the fellas have taken up residence in an elegant old antique shop where you can get decked out head-to-toe for the Derby and grab a tote to carry your party supplies to the infield.

If not, feel free to call your friend’s rooftop “the infield.”

Our Five Favorite Things from the Todd Snyder Show

Last night, the Gods of Fashion Week brought us a fall/winter line from none other than Todd Snyder—one of our favorite new faces of last year. There was plenty to like at the show... but instead of the items themselves (which won’t be arriving in stores until August), we’d like to draw your attention to a few styling tricks that you can try out in time for this winter.

See our five favorite things from the Todd Snyder show»

The Parmigiano

Anderson’s Belts

Ladies and gentlemen, the Italian equivalent of the preppy ribbon belt.

It comes via Anderson’s Belts. They’ve been producing belts in Parma for almost 50 years (despite the painfully English name), and they’re well-steeped in the tendencies of the local gentlemen of style. Imagine it holding up the bottom half of a khaki cotton suit and you’ll see what we mean.

Hopefully at least one of the half-dozen hues will match your tie.

A Gentleman’s Guide to the Faja


These days, we’re pretty much living on linen pants and camp shirts these days. And since that doesn’t leave much room for thick leather belts, we’ve had to get creative with our trouser support.

Our solution of choice so far is Industry of All Nations’ Faja, a strap of woven cotton Argentine gentlemen have been using to hold up their trousers for ages. It’s light, casual, and a much-needed breath of Southern Hemisphere style. But since there’s no buckle, first you’ll have to figure out how to tie it.

Which is where a few videos come in handy…»

The Western Belt

Tanner Goods belt

For the past few years, high-end belts have been in an authenticity arms race, to the point that our favorite belts have been undyed straps of leather with as little finish as possible. To be fair, they look great over raw denim, but it’s time the world’s leatherworkers got a little more creative.

This hand-tooled Tanner Goods belt is the perfect example. Granted, it’s throwing off bolo-tie levels of theatrical Western-ness, but paired with the right denim jacket, it could be brilliant. Mostly, we’re glad to see belts getting a little bit louder than the unmarked leather strap. Now all you need is some kind of buckle…