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L.L. Beijing, Wearing Her Diamonds & Ashley Does Dudes


Orient Express: LL Bean will open shop in China this month. Beijing will receive the first of four retail locations, but unfortunately missed the Michael Phelps’ Mom Endorsement train. [DNR]

English Rain: A Continuous Lean’s Michael Williams offers a decidedly British fall look, from bags to bumbershoots. The whole lot exceeds $5,000, which is great for aesthetic but painful if you’re on this side of the exchange rate. [A Continuous Lean]

Tough Tooth: Liev Schrieber wears his wife’s jewelry and doesn’t care what you think. At least it’s a gold and diamond shark tooth. [W]

Draped in Olsen: Stock market meltdown, Palintology and menswear by Ashley Olsen. Isn’t that a Nostradamus prediction? [The Cut]

Chinese CGI, Madison Avenue, and Hot Buttered Soul


The Story of Isaac: Refinery29 bids goodbye to a soul legend. [Refinery29]

The Man in the Gray Flannel Pajamas: Madison Avenue just got a little shlubbier. [NYT]

China My China: Apparently part of the Olympic opening ceremony got a little assistance from the People’s Glorious CGI Department. [Boing Boing]

Behind the Mask: The smog-mask look is really taking off in Beijing. Expect it to hit L.A. within the decade. [AdAge]

Hitting the Bottle: What the world needs now are designer soda bottles, sweet designer soda bottles. [Marktd]

Olympic Spirit


Photos of the Ralph Lauren-designed U. S. Olympic Uniforms have finally surfaced, and we have to say, we’re pretty impressed. We had held out hope for a preppy Olympic team, and it looks like we won’t be disappointed. From the stark white slacks to the striped cloth belts, these athletes look like they’re heading across the Pacific in yachts. We’re reasonably sure Beijing has never seen anything like it.

Well played, Mr. Lauren. Well played.

For another picture of Mr. Lauren's work»

Internationally Known


Ralph Lauren has landed a contract with the U.S. Olympic team, outfitting 1500 athletes for the opening and closing ceremonies in Beijing. The past three games were outfitted by Canadian apparel company Roots Ltd., but the committee decided their designs were too informal, and chose the preppy stylings of Mr. Lauren.

As Fashion Week Daily points out, Ralph is getting fairly small fee for the outfitting—“less than $10 million” was as much as the reps were willing to say—but the move will let them make inroads into Chinese markets.

Ah, the rewards of patriotism.

via Fashion Week Daily