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Dusting Off: The Ballpark Blue-Collar Beer

  • Sam Eichner


Here’s a cause we can all get behind: beer.

More specifically: Old Style. Even more specifically: Old Style, on draft, at Wrigley Field. But after the Cubs signed an “excusive marketing deal” with Budweiser, making it the exclusive official beer of Wrigley Field, the opportunity to enjoy a foamy Old Style in the Friendly Confines might disappear.

And that, friends, is a damned shame. Here’s why...»

Style Icons Drinking Beer

0919KMT Beer HEADER Plato once said, “He was a wise man who invented beer.” And we can’t help but agree.

So with Saturday marking the start of that German beer-for-all known as Oktoberfest—your guess is as good as ours why it’s not called Late-Septemberfest—we’re pouring you a hearty swig of visual encouragement from the ever-handsome pantheon of men who could somehow make lager look a bit more luxury.

Without any further ado: Style Icons Drinking Beer, after the jump...»