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In the Neighborhood

Mjolk Quilt

Like most design-minded blog-dwellers, we have a soft spot for maps. And it looks like Mjölk has one too.

We caught this map quilt on their newly launched e-commerce shop. It’s a detailed street map of London (or New York, or Paris) stitched onto a cotton and Japanese silk with an Amish loom. In short, it’s a pretty great thing to have over your sheets if you’re looking to plan out a day’s drive, or give a houseguest an unusually quirky tour of the neighborhood.

And if you want to represent a slightly more obscure neighborhood, you can hire out their quiltmaker for a custom job. Queens, anyone?

Rags and Patches


We’ve seen a lot of suit fabrics, but we’ve never seen them quite like this.

This bedspread was made from sewing together old suit fabrics, so if you’ve ever felt the need to sleep under Italy’s finest threads, you just got your chance. The full set includes a bed cover, a duvet cover and a pair of pillowcases, and they only have as much fabric as they can scrounge up, so each piece is one of a kind. Of course, that also means a single set will run you upwards of three grand, but it’s not too much more than you’d pay Paul Smith for a few suits.

The origins of this fascinating creation»