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From the Feet Up: Esquire gives us a whiff of the newest offerings from shoemaker Berluti... for above the ankle. [Esquire]

Menswear Gets Weird: A particularly spot-on countdown of the most important menswear moments of the past year. [Four Pins]

Winning Time: And just in case you were wondering who “won 2012,” here’s a very scientific breakdown of that. [Grantland]

In Memoriam: An insightful reflection on the great people we said goodbye to in 2012—from spaceman to Beastie Boy. [NY Times]

The Icon: The Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

Spending three decades in the public eye is no easy thing, especially when you’re lashed to a scene as ephemeral as old-school rap or hardcore punk. Or both. So we’d like to raise a glass to the Boys of Beastie, who have weathered the storm better than anyone could have expected, and emerged in the 21st century as models for what hip, punk-inflected 40-year-olds look like. Here are five high points, for your perusal.

See the five best sartorial moments from the Beastie Boys»

Nice Wallpaper

Nice Wallpapervia YHBTI

The Greatest Party Ever: Would you like to see an hour-long video of the release party for Paul’s Boutique? Of course you would. [WBE]

Never Too Many Books: Shots from the New York apartment of author Michael Cunningham. He has a bookshelf in his bathroom, people. [Work in Progress]

Boots and Socks: A walk in the woods with the Midwestyle chaps, and a very handsome pair of socks. [The Midwestyle]

The Tux Returns: The latest batch of Phineas Cole gear looks pretty good as well. [Men of Habit]

Milk for Sale

New York’s Milk Studios is mostly known for hosting Fashion Week shows and high-profile photo shoots, but they just jumped into the e-commerce game, offering prints, books and collectibles from their deep roster of photographers. It’s great news for anyone looking to snag some reflected glory—or interested in picking up a bigger version of this infamous naked snowboarding shot.

Also, if you wanted to see a picture of Jack White and Spike Jonze hanging out with the Beastie Boys, it could be arranged.

Madonna Has Extremely Strong Teeth

Look Back in Beastie: The Men of Beastie look back on 25 years of hell raising. [Interview]

Quinton McCracken, We Hardly Knew Ye: The 60 best names in baseball. To give you some idea of the competition, “Ebenezer Beatin” only made it to #8. [The Awl]

JFK Still Owns It: The navy shawl-collar cardigan, through history. They forgot the Oliver Spencer version…but we’ll forgive them. [A Headlong Dive]

Deep Coral: Talking style with a VP from Isaia. Predictably, he wears the hell out of a DB. [Men of Habit]

Fanny Francois Has Spilled Chocolate Syrup on her Arm

Milan Calling: Salivating over the latest dispatch from LBM 1911. [Sartorially Inclined]

A Firm Brow: Esquire’s encyclopedic grooming guide. Warning: Anti-eye-cream prejudice rears its ugly head. [Esquire]

Ad Rock Eats Ramen: Das Racist’s fateful run-in with a Beastie Boy. Legends in the making. [Vulture]

There’s Even a Fire Barrel: If you’ve ever wondered what a hobo-themed wedding would look like… [Etsy]

Samantha Gradoville Is Solving Mysteries From Her Apartment

More Benefits: As it turns out, Justin Timberlake knows his way around a suit. [Esquire]

Throwing Flowers: A uniquely British hand-wringing session on the subject of the floral shirt. [Men’s Flair]

Between Beast and Man: The latest Beastie Boys video involves assassination attempts and puppets on fire. [Gear Patrol]

It’s Like…A Book…of Faces: Paul Ford offers an aesthetic appreciation of the Facebook feed. [NYMag]

Kate Jones Feels No Need for Blankets

Kate Jonesvia YHBI

Also, Our New Favorite Loafers: A Suitable Wardrobe shows how to do the summer suit right. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

I’ve Got More Hits than Sadaharu Oh: In honor of their new album, a guide to the obscure references of the Beastie Boys. [A.V. Club]

The Silver Ball: Vintage pinball shots, in their purest and simplest form. [Wired]

The Internet Will Continue To Be The Internet: There is a blog entirely devoted to Fox Mulder’s various wristwatches, because of course there is. [Fox Mulder’s Wristwatch]

Anja Rubik is Kicking Over Sand Castles

Anja Rubikvia GQ UK

The Wild One: Antenna sits down with Schott’s Greg Chapman to go over a few of his prized possessions. [Antenna]

Men Like Beasts: The Beastie Boys’ sequel to the “Fight for your Right” video finally sees the light of day. Required viewing. [Vulture]

In the Dust: Some solid washed denim from Timo Weiland. A reminder: the world doesn’t begin and end with untouched indigo. [The Bengal Stripe]

Sometimes the World is Like That: Here’s an enormous head being built in a lake in Austria. [Kuriositas]