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Your Summer House Essentials

  • Najib Benouar


Everyone needs a good summer hideaway.

It could be the family lake house, a weekend rental on the Cape or just a really summery corner of your sixth-floor walkup.

But to really make it feel right, you’ve got to have the right vibe—which, granted, is a little different if you’re summering near the sea versus a woodsy lake or river. So we’ve gone ahead and found some handsome appointments and setting-appropriate curios to properly equip your abode.

Here’s what you need to stock that summer shack of yours, depending on whether you’re heading inland or to the beach.»

Nina Agdal Embodies the Endless Summer

  • Kempt Staff

Beach Bound: Naturally, Esquire catches up with Ms. Agdal in Colombia to see how it’s all going. [Esquire]

Style Game on Pollock: Jackson Pollock was splatter painting his “dad jeans” before you were even born, young man. [Well Spent]

Got Beef: Still on an epicurean kick, Gant Rugger’s Christopher Bastin has challenged the menswear world to a gastronomic showdown... on Tumblr. [Cook Gant Rugger]

Maison Call: If you missed Maison Kitsuné’s Far Side-esque menswear cartoons from Fashion’s Night Out, have a look-see. [GQ]

Michelle Buswell's Shirt Is Tropical-Weight

  • Kempt Staff

Michelle Buswellvia WBE

Birdseye View: A spectacular slideshow of beaches photographed by Gray Malin, hanging out of a door-less helicopter. [Hypebeast]

#GotEm: The US Olympic Basketball team has taken to pulling Instagram gags on one another—just another reason why technology is awesome. [NY Times]

Class Is In Session: Hodinkee has embarked upon an epically in-depth dissection of the fabled Rolex Daytona that’s watch-nerdy even by their standards. [Hodinkee]

Fly Dutchmen: Turns out those Dutch guys we mentioned earlier today where most likely wearing official gear from SuitSupply. Well played. [GQ]

Have Towel, Will Summer

  • Najib Benouar

Blame it on Ms. Lohan below, or on another cloudless Friday afternoon. But the beach beckons.

To that end, we stumbled upon an artistic lot of beach towels—an initiative of the Art Project Fund—and our favorite of the bunch is Julian Schnabel’s map of Martinique dashed with a few streaks of color. It will be as good-looking as it will be helpful on your next Caribbean getaway.

Or anywhere you feel the need to spread out near a body of water.

Pardon Our French

  • Najib Benouar

Ladies and gentlemen, Gisele Bündchen is back. (Pun only slightly intended.)

Just hours ago, Paris Vogue revealed their June cover—we rarely get excited about this sort of thing, but we’d be doing you a disservice by not sharing such a great moment in beach photography. (Yes, there is a beach somewhere in this shot.)

This was the one day it paid off to be Condé Nast’s chief sand removal expert...

Gloria Loitz is Gazing East

Love Takes Balls: A typically excellent Tom Chiarella ruminates on emotional honesty and ball-scratching. [Esquire]

A Trad’s Reflections: A gentleman’s thoughts on style. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

The New Beach Towel: In the wake of our exhaustive beach towel coverage, here’s an extra roundup of some of the ones we missed. [Cool Hunting]

DRM is Dead: As you may have heard, the Library of Congress just punched a few new holes in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, legally permitting you to jailbreak that shiny new iPhone. Gizmodo helpfully explains what it all means. [Gizmodo]

The Beach Towel


Beach-going equipment tends to be pretty minimal. If you’ve got a good pair of trunks, a pair of sunglasses and some sunblock, you’re probably set. And, of course, something to lie down on…

These lightweight cotton blankets from Steven Alan get it just about perfect, with colorful stripes, a 5’x7’ wingspan, and a clever twist: to make your life simpler, the S.A. folks are randomizing the colors, so after you order one up you’ll get the next color they have in stock. So much for the dream of the matching bathing suit.

On the Beach

wave_crop.jpgVia NotCot

There’s nothing like a good beach to get you in the Earth Day spirit. And a good photographer, of course. This Stuart Gibson snap comes all the way from Tasmania, where we're guessing the waves are a good deal slower...