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Anais Pouliot’s Life Is a Highway

  • Kempt Staff

Cap It Off: Legions of menswear enthusiasts have descended upon NYC for the Capsule show, and Cool Hunting has some early pictures of the action. [Cool Hunting]

No Homonym: Two shadowy figures whose names sound identical have entered the pop culture fray. Here’s an easy chart to help differentiate between Bain Capital and the Batman villain Bane. [NYMag]

Who’s the Boss: A (very) long-form ode to Bruce Springsteen, still rocking hard at 62. [New Yorker]

That New Banksy: Even a counterculture street artist can get excited about hosting the Summer Olympics. [Hypebeast]

Franziska Frank Is Your Camp Counselor

  • Kempt Staff

To the Bat Closet: On the release of The Dark Knight Rises, GQ tracks Batman’s style transformation into the slick bastard he is now. [GQ]

Seven’s the Key Number: A study on how your entire wardrobe can be completed by owning seven different shoes. [Put This On]

No More Tug of War: A roundup of 11 forgotten Olympic sports that have gone the way of baseball in 2012. [The Atlantic]

What’s His Face: Putting the names to faces of the 25 most iconic “that guy” actors. [Buzzfeed]

Michelle Pfeiffer is the Only Catwoman


Knightlife: Casting news comes down the pike on Nolan’s third Batman, confirming Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Naturally, we’re a bit nostalgic… [/Film]

This Sporting Life: The Quarterly takes a look at our favorite sports blog, Deadspin, and displays admirable restraint in avoiding Favre jokes. [GQ]

Benz, Not Breaks: Berlin Fashion Week unveils a set of Mercedes Benz-related sculptures. [Cool Hunting]

Well Polished: Advanced tips from the world of high-gloss shoe maintenance. [Mister Crew]

Christina Ricci Cannot Be Contained

The Lost Simpsons Episodes: A former Simpsons showrunner spills notes and jokes for a raft of episodes that never saw the light of day. [Splitsider]

I’m the Goddamn Batman: The Bruce Wayne school of parenting, as revealed by Adam Rogers. [The Atlantic]

Qaddafi Chic: Touring the private jets of African dictators. [Creative Review]

Sweet Like Sugar: Sugar Ray Robinson may finally get a much-deserved biopic. [/Film]



Angry outbursts never look good, but we’re going to have to call this one as fair play. Or at least not obviously foul.

A true gentleman would have exercised a little more politeness, but frustration is just a byproduct of passion, and passion is always a good thing. Hundreds of actors would have let a few slips from the crew slide, and in the process accepted less from the movie and less from themselves. Much as the gossip press wishes it were otherwise, there’s no shame in caring about what you do.

Even if it means getting a little unkempt.

Lubed Up Girls, Batman Rules the Weekend, and the 90's Making a Comeback


Oil!: Maxim celebrates its shiniest models. [Maxim]

The Darkest Batman: Heath Ledger’s frightening portrayal of the joker was only one of the reasons The Dark Knight made so much bank. [Gawker]

A History of Chairs!: Thrilling! Enthralling! Riveting! Pictures of chairs... with commentary! [The Moment]

Dripping Wet: A super-sweaty gal examines ways to stay cool in this horrendous heat wave. Taking your clothes off is the best we could come up with.[NY Mag]

Car vs. Tank: Spoiler Alert: the tank wins. [A Continuous Lean]

The End is Near: Apparently baggy is back, and skinny may be on its way out. [Refinery 29]

Gone Batty, Defending the Slouch, and Tom Remains a Spinster


Six Films Made Better by Batman: What? Only six? We can think of thousands. [Maxim]

The Right to Sag: The ACLU is threatening a court battle in defending the slouchy pants wearers of Flint. [Newsweek]

Last Action Hero: It's always nice when the protagonist looks like your sophmore-year roommate. [The Moment]

New Classics: Albam may look familiar, but it's fresh as can be. [Dejour]

Very Punny: Kenneth Cole's are really starting to push people in the wrong direction. [Gawker]

No Tom Jr.?: Tom Ford isn't exactly in a hurry to squeeze out puppies—which is good given that he still doesn't have one of those newfangled man wombs. [NYMag]

Behind the Curtain, LOVA Boys, and Nike Enlists


All Access Pass: Here's your VIP badge for to the backstage loveliness at Victoria's Secret. [Horny Oyster]

Holy C+ Batman!: A complete ranking of Batman's best and worst gadgets—and you thought Bond liked his toys. [Wired]

Marching Orders: Nike teams up with the Army to create the fastest soldiers on earth. [PSFK]

The Shoe Hound's Dog House: A brief profile of Leffot. [The Moment]

Let The Games Begin: Every one of these Olympic hotties deserves a medal. [Gawker]

Hot LOVA: A little bit "Mad Men," a little bit Revenge of the Nerds—all good. [The Pipeline]

Check That: Real Mad Men wear plaid. [A Continuous Lean]

Gisele, Batman in Armani, and Death Comes for The Dressing Gown


Same Ol', Same Ol': Another day, another photospread of Gisele Bundchen looking so impossibly hot. It's almost boring at this point. Wait. This one's got video? Nevermind then. [GQ]

Under Lock and Key: Fashionable alternatives to that old carabiner you picked up durning your "crunchy granola" phase freshman year. [A Continuous Lean]

Dude Looks Like a Lady: Liv Tyler seems to be embarrassed about the wardrobe of her biological father, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Some ladies have got no taste. [Contact Music]

Bat Suit: Christian Bale will be rocking Armani in the Dark Knight movie. We always figured Bruce Wayne was more partial to English cuts, but okay. [Brandish]

Call Me: Speaking of Armani and movies, seems Giorgio and Richard Gere made each other's careers. [The Moment]

Silk Shortage: The dressing gown is dead. The end is nigh! [A Suitable Wardrobe]