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The Hurried Man’s Guide to the NBA Playoffs

  • Najib Benouar


As the old saying goes, the NBA season doesn’t really start until the playoffs.

And with the field of 16 tipping off the first of many seven-game series tomorrow—that’s a potential for 105 games in the next few weeks—it really does feel like an entirely new season. And in case you’re just tuning in now, for the first ever NBA postseason without any Lakers, Knicks or Celtics suiting up, we’ve put together this quick guide on each conference:

The hurried man’s guide to the NBA playoffs.»

How to Up Your On-Court Style Game


Whether it’s Russell Westbrook in bright paisley at a press conference or Dwyane Wade collaborating with yet another menswear brand, our attention has been mostly off-court lately when it comes to basketball style. (Then again, in-action they’re all dressed eerily similarly.)

But although the pros all have to wear matching tech-y uniforms when they step on the court, there’s no reason that your on-court accoutrements can’t have a little extra stylishness. So we rounded up some of the most dapper sports gear on the market to elevate your pickup-hoops-related handsomeness to the next level.

Shooting for three, after the jump...»

The NBA’s All-Time Style Icons Team

  • Najib Benouar

Walt Frazier

Tomorrow the NBA tips off regular season action.

And that means NBA style is back in action, too—and if the past few seasons are any indication, the league is experiencing a bona fide sartorial renaissance off-court. Which raises the question: how do today’s guys stack up to the originals? So, to see who would make the cut of the most stylish ballers of all time, we narrowed down each position to bring you:

The most stylish starting five in NBA history»

A Gentleman’s Guide to Pickup Games

  • Kempt Staff


Your days of organized sports are most likely behind you. (Save for an office softball league walk-on or two.)

But that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the glory with a few hours of roundball, pigskin or doubles squash every so often. And with ballparks, courts and fields everywhere alive with the spirit of summer, there’s no better time than now to get out there and mix it up a little this weekend.

Luckily for the pickup-game uninitiated, we’ve put together a handy little guide:»

The Evolution of LeBron’s MVP Style

  • Najib Benouar

LeBron James

It’s good to be king.

LeBron James picked up his fourth NBA MVP trophy over the weekend, wearing a suit as equally spectacular as his feat: a well-cut navy kit featuring a Cucinelli-esque 1.5-breasted jacket with peak lapels (and an unfussy usage of pocket square to boot).

It’s advanced coursework in NBA suiting and shows a marked maturity over the louder, more adventurous stuff we’re seeing at postgame press conferences from the youngsters these days. But James’s style maturation didn’t happen overnight. Looking at the past five years of LeBron’s MVP-dom (stretching back to his stay golden years in Cleveland), the guy has come a long way.

An investigation of the MVP style evolution of LeBron James.»

Smell Test: Michael Jordan’s Flight Sport

Smell Test

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has made some questionable decisions since the days we trusted him on the court. So when we saw he had released the “Sport” version of his original eau de toilette, Flight, earlier this year, we were skeptical.

According to Perfumania, Flight Sport boasts notes of mandarin oil, geranium, patchouli, white lavender, vanilla and skin musk. We’re not convinced. So we had a few of Kempt’s most sophisticated noses take a spritz and evaluate. Here’s what they had to say:»

The Final: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

March Madness

And now, the thrilling conclusion to our March Madness bracket. (Which began here with the Sweet 16.)

(1) John Wooden’s Glasses vs. (3) Roy Williams’s Carolina Blue: It’s come down to this. Pete Carril, our Ivy League Cinderella, had an epic Final Four–achieving run, but his professorial dishevelment ultimately came up short against John Wooden’s prolific eyewear. Bob Knight’s red sweaters were running on fumes after the dogfight against Carnesecca’s Cosby sweaters in the Elite Eight, so Roy Williams’s pinstripes basically cruised into the finals. And now only one thing stands between our two title contenders: which one can cut down the net most stylishly. [Cue the confetti and streamers.]

And your champion is...»

Style Icons Playing Basketball

  • Najib Benouar


It’s a big day for basketball, with March Madness finally kicking off this morning.

And it’s been a big week for basketball here on Kempt, with our own bracket pitting icons of the sidelines against one another in our quest to name the most stylish NCAA basketball coach ever. You can catch up on the first-round action here, the second-round action here and yesterday’s Final Four here. But you’ll have to tune in tomorrow for the grand finale...

Because today we’re taking a brief break in our tourney to present a roundup of style icons playing basketball.»

Final Four: History’s Most Stylish College Basketball Coaches

  • Najib Benouar

March Madness

We’ve been counting down to tomorrow’s official start of the Big Dance with our own March Madness bracket, wherein we’ve pitted the most iconic college basketball coaches against one another—in terms of their signature style items—in an attempt to finally nail down who’s the most stylish of them all.

And here we are. The Final Four.

This is when champions show their true grit. If you’re planning on watching any of the action this weekend, you’re going to hear one word thrown around a lot: résumé. It’s become the catch-all term for reviewing a team’s performance over the season, and it seems like the right term to use when reviewing the overall style career of these coaches. So now that we’ve made it to the semifinals, we’re going to scrutinize each coach’s personal style résumé even further.

Let’s get on with it, shall we. To the Final Four.»