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A Bartender’s Guide to Other People’s Drunkenness

Other people drunk Mad Men

Eddy Buckingham is the owner of New York cocktail den The Liberty and Kempt’s resident Fernet Branca expert. Periodically, he offers us wisdom gleaned from his years behind the bar.

There’s an old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. And in the bartender community, a lesser-known adage: it also takes a village to raise a dickhead.

In other words, drinking is a village activity. So if you were cheering on your buddy’s seventh Manhattan an hour ago, you share a little responsibility for where he is now.

We all have nights that get away from us—due to exuberance, sorrow or just the pernicious “happy hour martinis in lieu of dinner” syndrome. Next time it’s someone you love, remember:

You were comrades when you rode into party-battle. Leave no man behind.»