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Gay Talese on Well-Tailored Journalism, Filmic Watering Holes and Dressing Like Tintin

  • Kempt Staff


Honor Thy Tailor: Gay Talese explains how being a good writer is like being a good tailor: “make the stitching last.”

Drink It In: Ten iconic cinematic bars Cool Material would like to have a drink at—we’ll get the next round.

Tin Can: Todd Snyder finds some inspiration in Tintin’s international gumshoe cartoon style.

Eye Opening: GQ visits the brand-new minimalist eyewear shop from Garrett Leight that’s bright enough to make you want to wear sunglasses indoors.

A Bartender’s Guide to Cell Phone Etiquette

Eddy Buckingham is the owner of New York cocktail den The Liberty and Kempt’s resident Fernet Branca expert. Periodically, he offers us wisdom gleaned from his years behind the bar.

Before it was cell phones, it was cigarettes.

I saw it for years from behind the bar. You’re out and about, your companion disappears for a split second, and you fire up a Camel. It’s a defense mechanism; smoking, you’re not a creep or a drunk staring mutely into your whiskey—you’re thoughtful, and aloof, maybe even a little mysterious.

Then along came Bloomberg, and the cigarette was relegated to the curb outside. In its place arose a more insidious behavioral crutch: the cell phone.

Walk into any bar in the country and you’ll see a crowd of would-be revelers tapping mutely at their illuminated crotches. (And I assure you, the most interesting action is not happening down there. If you’re lucky, that comes later.)

That’s why, just like you did with cigarettes your sophomore year of college, it’s time to quit. Herewith: a bartender’s guide to cell phone etiquette.>>

Juju Ivanyuk Just Wants to Dance

  • Kempt Staff

Street Style of Yore: Some menswear lessons to be learned from pre-WWII postcards depicting some surprisingly dapper fellows. [Permanent Style]

Far Beast: Club Monaco has finally opened its first men’s shop—but it’s in Hong Kong. Luckily, Hypebeast was on hand to report. [Hypebeast]

Hop to It: Grantland interviews Pulitzer Prize–winning author Junot Díaz the only way they know how: by barhopping. [Grantland]

And Now: A slideshow of famous authors in their skivvies (you can thank the Poles for this). [Melville House]

Days of Wine and Roses


A great bar is a magical thing. But aside from a few Replacements songs, no one’s really captured the rare mix of folklore and social gamesmanship you’ll find there. So we thought we’d dig up this fantastic Roger Ebert piece on O’Rourke’s in Chicago, which captures it as well as anyone has. If you were wondering what to look for in a watering hole, here’s what you should be aiming for.

The essay’s a few years old, but the nostalgia has aged beautifully. In its heyday, O’Rourke’s regulars included John Belushi, Studs Terkel and a 300-pound antiquities professor named “Al the Greek”—so it makes for a lively read. Wistful too: Ebert stopped drinking in ’79 and O’Rourke’s changed locations in the early 90s, losing much of its scene in the process. Raise a glass, gentlemen.

The Last Great Mixer


Home bars in the '60s had all sorts of goodies that didn’t make it into the modern age—crème de menthe, anyone?—but here’s one that’s due for a revival: old school seltzer.

Forget those store bought twist-top versions. Next to this, they’re practically Evian. A real bottled seltzer is so carbonated it shoots out of the bottle like a rocket, and stings your throat on the way down. More importantly, it does amazing things to scotch and it’s the only proper way to make an egg cream.

You can usually pick some up for around two bucks a bottle…but finding a bottler is easier said than done. In the age of supermarket twist-offs, they’re a dying breed—which makes a good one that much more of a gem. Brooklyn’s Gomberg Seltzer Works is one of the last in New York, but if you’re out of range you may have some legwork in your future. Trust us: it’s worth it.

You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here


The dive bar is one of the few constants across the country. You could find the same neon Budweiser sign in a window Akron, Juarez and either Portland, give or take a sports team or two. Of course, what really counts is what’s inside…

Matthew Scott has devoted the past few years to documenting the dive bar in all its glory, with shots of the best dive bars Los Angeles has to offer. Those in search of inspiration, take note: well drinks are the new cocktails.

Well drinks in their natural habitat»

Across the Tie, Out of the Bar and Against the Law


Frau Claudia Schiffer Topless in German Vogue: Ja vol! [Egotastic]

Part-time Model Rips Off Boss Marc Jacobs: Good thing the cops got him, because Jacobs will fucking cut you. [Gawker]

Huffpo's Von Pfetten Doesn't Go For Pretty Boys: Seriously, girl, why haven't you called us yet? ]HuffPo]

Clip On Ties: Thom Browne's rules of the tie bar. [WSJ.]

Tips for Tall Guys: Jalen Rose and Allan Houston share their 6' and over secrets. [AskMen]

Jugs off the Menu: Williamsburg's Radegast shelves their traditional-Czech-cleavage-revealing outfits due to the wandering hands of drunk patrons. Way to ruin it for the rest of us. [Gothamist]

Kanye Blogs, Tom Poses and Colin Get Pikey

angela_crop.jpgAngela Lindvall

Angela Lindvall Buck Naked: Get the (NSFW) picture? [Goldenfiddle]

We Can Relate: Kanye West is an under-appreciated fashion blogger, which, along with the beats, Benjamins and biddies, makes him exactly like us. [Gawker]

Extra Yards: Loser quarterback of the losing New England Patriots, Tom Brady to slip on briefs for money. Loser. [NYPost]

There Goes The Neighborhood: The Garment District is on deathwatch. Where oh where will we go for our $20 velour tracksuits? [Observer]

Resurfacing: SubMercer, the famed semi-secret bar under the Mercer Hotel, where a certain someone once practiced her poll dancing for a certain video, to open for friends and family. Invite us any time. [Timeout via The Moment]

Natty Dread: Coby Kennedy is just trying to do what he do. [NYMag]

From The Caravan to The Red Carpet: Colin Farrell does "traveller chic," a definite diss in the Queen's English. [Showbiz Ireland]

Emerging Economy: Despite having birthed a few billion souls, China is just now figuring out this whole sex thing. [Sun Times]

Always Bet on Black: Irony does not always redeem the white tuxedo. [The Independent]