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All the Handsome Ties Your Spring Requires

  • Najib Benouar


As you might have noticed around these parts, we’re excited about the impending onset of spring.

And one of our favorite things to watch during this season shift is the cottons, chambrays and linens replacing all that wool and tweed—something you can start doing immediately when it comes to your neckwear. To show you what we’re talking about, we’ve rounded up a dozen of the finest examples of spring neckwear on the market right now.

Heralding spring, neck first.»

The Five Warmest Socks on Earth

  • Najib Benouar

Let’s not mince words here: it’s cold out. And it’s coldest on the ground—which means you should be paying careful attention to keeping your feet as warm as bipedally possible.

So we went ahead and rounded up the warmest socks on the market—many of which won’t look out of place on your regular rotation of pastels and patterns.

Without further ado: some really incredibly warm socks for your winter strolling pleasure.»

The Legacy of Sid Avery and Some Very Handsome Pocket Squares

  • Kempt Staff

Not Too Shabby: The New York Times recounts the charmed life of theElder Statesman’s Greg Chait—who now spends his days designing cashmere knitwear after winning the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award.

Take Care: A look at the new spring offering from Drake’s London—including a handsome assortment of pocket squares—courtesy of Die, Workwear!

MacGruber’s Closet: Will Forte shops with Barney’s the Window and makes a surprisingly high amount of good choices—aside from the hot pants.

In The Picture: Mr. Porter flips through the new book from legendary photographer Sid Avery (he made sites like the impossible cool—possible).

Chanel Iman Has Never Seen a Hobbit

  • Kempt Staff

That’s My Bag: Ghurka is photographing the contents of the bags of dapper gentlemen—and finds some surprises from a buttoned-up black-tie type: boxing gloves, poker chips and shotgun shells. [Driven] Get Socked: The case for relegating your holiday-patterned goodness to your feet, in the form of Fair Isle socks. [Valet] Barneys Rubble: An in-depth profile of shopping institution Barneys New York and the man who decided to buy it. [NY Times] Croc to the Future: As the 80th anniversary of their iconic crocodile approaches, Lacoste celebrates with this whimsical video. [Esquire]

Frances Phillips Is Quickly Verifying Your Thread Count

  • Kempt Staff

via WBE

Mo’ Camo: GQ has the exclusive first look at the hotly anticipated Ian Velardi collection—including another new take on camo. [GQ]

Stars in Stripes: A peek at the capsule collection for Barneys made in Normandy by the legendary torchbearers of the Breton stripe, Saint James. [A Continuous Lean]

Bag It: A roundup of weekender bags for a last-minute Labor Day getaway. [T Magazine]

Driving Range: Winston Churchill’s bespoke Series I Range Rover is hitting the auction block. Start pinching pence. [Driven]

Thom Browne Dispelling the Diffusion

  • Najib Benouar

Breaking news: you can now own a Thom Browne suit for about a grand.

Those of you quick on the uptake (or with a WWD subscription) have probably been hearing the mix of excitement and grumbling over Browne’s diffusion line, Thom Grey—promising to skew younger (and less expensive). A photo of a gray varsity jacket was leaked. Speculation ensued. And today the full line was unveiled in the Barneys webshop. It’s what you might expect from Browne’s vision of the budding menswear enthusiast: oxford cloth shirts, a few ties, a pair of stand-out coats that have us looking forward to cooler temps, and a medium gray wool suit with his signature shrunken silhouette and cuffed high-water trousers.

It’s a good place to start. You know, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Shanina Shaik Is a Desk Jockey

  • Kempt Staff

via Models

Hot to Basco: Barneys is reviving their in-house menswear line, Basco, after lying dormant 30 years. Mr. Lean investigates. [A Continuous Lean]

Banned Substance: Meanwhile, Ray-Ban is reintroducing their Ambermatic lenses that change with light and temperature shifts. [Esquire]

Ground Chukka: Put This On gets excited for fall with a kaleidoscope of handsome boots. [PTO]

Dressage: A roundup of the 50 most scandalous dresses in history and the women who wore them, courtesy of the Cut and their spiffy new redesign. [The Cut]

One of These People Is Wearing Tom Ford

  • Najib Benouar

In Another Photo, Neither Are: Tom Ford’s latest lookbook is his raciest yet. (And that’s saying something.) Proceed with caution. [Selectism]

Come to My Window: Barneys New York catches up with the Brothers Ovadia—always nice to see them get some shine. [The Window]

Denim and Desert: William Yan spends a day with the Ramblers Bone fellows. Wearing at least two pieces of denim: mandatory. [WY]

Leaning on Hank Williams: The soundtrack list for Moonrise Kingdom has been released. You’ll also be pleased to know there’s still a lot of pitter-patter-y French stuff. [NY Mag]

Possibly the Most Italian Shoe We’ve Ever Seen

  • Najib Benouar

Tassel loafers and driving shoes have been getting a lot of love this season—each with their own merits—but this best-of-both-worlds hybrid from the Tuscan cobblers at Arfango is a horse of a different color. You’ve got the suede, unstructured slouchy comfort of the driving shoe paired with the formal finish of a tassel loafer. It’s what you’ll want to be wearing the next time you find yourself tagging along for a semiformal soiree on the Amalfi Coast.

As it typically goes with releases of this nature—midseason, by a lesser-known overseas label—finding a pair of these is going to take a little work (or an Italian translator). So aside from hunting down a proxy, your best bet is to wait for them to wash up stateside—we’d suggest keeping an eye on Barneys, who carry Arfango, but have yet to stock this particular model. Happy hunting.

Beyond Denim

Raleigh Denim

Raleigh Denim is a hallowed name for most denim aficionados, so it’s good to see them putting the fabric to a few new uses.

This fall sees their first full-scale men's collection, including lighter dyes like the one at left, but also sweaters, bags and a few extremely handsome ties. It’s pretty minimalist stuff—especially after a week of watching runway shows—but that’s what Raleigh Denim does best. And seeing the same fabric-focused take on a fall sweater (or a pair of white jeans) is definitely cause for excitement.

If you’re curious to see it in person, it’s all at The Curatory in Raleigh now, and should be landing at Barney’s Co-op any day.

See the rest of the collection here»

The Polo of Summer


The Burkman Brothers have always had a knack for summer gear, even without their trademark madras. Their 2011 crop just arrived at Barneys, including this near-perfect polo.

It’s a throwback item, patterned to look like something you might have worn to summer camp in the 80s. You can find a preppier take from Michael Bastian and a more nostalgic one from Band of Outsiders, but this might be our favorite. We’re not sure if it’s the shrunken collar or the high placket, but the whole thing comes off a good deal more grown-up than its predecessors. And since it's going to be one of the more youthful items in your closet, that’s pretty good news.

Sasha Pivovarova is Perfectly Camoflaged

The Shape of Things To Come: Matt Schneier offers up a cryptic look at what Spring/Summer 2011 will be bringing us in days to come. Apparently Phillip Lim is a Matisse fan. []

Bill Murray, Class Act: Bill Murray’s speech to the National Board of Review is hilarious, brilliant. Required reading. [Vulture]

The Winter of ’42: ACL lets loose a new set of Life archive pics, including an exceedingly well-dressed gentleman holding a pair of lobsters. [A Continuous Lean]

Jean on Jean: Barneys catches up with the achingly hip couple behind Raleigh Denim. [B-Side]