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Julia Ege is Couch-Shopping in the 70s

juliaege_crop.jpgvia WBE

So Drunk in the August Sun: David Coggins sits down with Steve Malkmus to discuss the Portland Blazers. [Huffington Post]

Scalp Pain is God’s Way of Telling You Not to Wear Corn Rows: A roundup of the most atrocious male coifs in contemporary television and film. [Vulture]

”Jay-Z is a Blueprint”: A semiotic analysis of Kanye West, taking him far more seriously than he should ever be taken. [Cultureby]

London Calling: Banksy pops up in London again with a clever riff on the iconic Clash cover. [Hypebeast]

Lili is Stretching

Hitting the Books: In honor of collegiate weather, the RL chaps take a tour through the newly renovated New York Public Library in Bryant Park. [Rugby Blog]

The Car Makes the Man: On Friday, Sotheby’s is auctioning off James Bond’s Goldfinger-era Aston Martin, tire-destroying hubcaps and all. It’s poised to become the most expensive film vehicle ever sold at auction...but don’t let that stop you. [Word of Mouth]

Good and Evil in New Orleans: The true story of Banksy and his nemesis, the Gray Ghost, in a struggle to control the empty walls of New Orleans. [Web Urbanist]

The Modern Fairy Tale: I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how Werner Herzog saved Joaquin Phoenix’s life by pulling him from a gasoline-soaked car wreck. [Movieline]

Amanda Norgaard Counts as an Earthly Delight


Back to Nature: Dazed and Confused lets loose an editorial dubbed “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” which might be our favorite title for a magazine editorial ever. [Fashion Copious]

Children, Wake Up: Spike Jonze may be making a movie with the Arcade Fire—if he doesn’t overdose on twee before he can finish it. [/Film]

Blowing Minds, Changing Lives: The iPad scoffs at your silly paper book. Get ready for the future, people. [TechCrunch]

All the Way to the Banksy: Banksy pops up in Los Angeles, where he is needed most. [Hypebeast]

Going Back to Bristol


Banksy’s going back to Bristol (home of aerosol graffiti and trip-hop), for his first hometown show in almost a decade. Luckily, by now just about everyone is paying attention. The BBC went inside for a few snaps, while Hypebeast dug up a promo video (after the jump).

The big surprise: Banksy’s getting into animatronics, creating a surprisingly lifelike blinking tweety bird and a self-rocking SWAT officer at play. Maybe he’s got a soft spot for Disney too…

See the video»

Gathers No Moss


Speaking of street art making good, Banksy is getting a lot more marketable these days…thanks to the locus of chaotic energy that is Kate Moss.

Back in 2006, the British graffiter pasted Ms. Moss’s face over a famous Warhol print of Marilyn Monroe, making a tidy 96,000 UKP for a set of six prints. With that kind of payoff, it’s hard to resist a flip or two, so the owners are putting them back on the block, expecting up to 150,000 in return.

Even given the economy, we think it’s a safe bet. Kate’s look of vague disgust has never been more appropriate.

Put on a Happy Face


We’re giving our boy Takashi the benefit of the doubt here and assuming this is a knockoff.

Still, imagine the horrifying world we would enter if this sort of thing becomes common practice. So far the world of art and the world of things-you-can-imprint-on-your-jeans have remained blissfully separate. Nobody wants to see a formaldehyde-soaked shark sewn into your Levi’s. Pretty soon, that grungy-looking fellow with the paint-splattered chinos will be asking if you like his Pollocks.

Run, Banksy, run! Save yourself!

Kanye, Banksy, and Sex Addicts


Taking Notes: A few lucky bloggers stumble across Kanye’s notebook. Warning: the veracity of the document has been questioned. [FormatMag]

Sons and Daughters: Our old pal rounds up the fashion week showing from Obedient Sons. Apparently they’re less obedient this year. [Refinery29]

Out in the Streets: A user’s guide to Banksy. Step one: move to London. [WebUrbanist]

It’s Hard Out There for a Sex Addict: A sobering look at sex addiction in America. Remarkably, Tom Ford goes completely unmentioned. [NYT]

Lovely Dita, Banksy, and Barack’s Suits


The Talented Ms. Teese: A chat with everyone’s favorite anachronistic pinup. Burlesque lives! [BlackBook]

In the Kitchen: Versace goes after the muppet demographic. [Men.Style]

Banksy in New Orleans: For the first time, graffiti is used to rebuild a city. [PSFK]

Union Suit: Barack’s suit is from the same factory as Hickey Freeman…change we can believe in, indeed. [The Cut]