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On Being Alone, Together

Nicolas Sarkozy became the first sitting president to lose the first round of a presidential election. 60 Minutes made both the top brass of Lehman Brothers and the SEC look a whole lot like criminals. The Yankees embarrassed the Red Sox. And then the Yankees embarrassed the Red Sox. But according to an op-ed in Saturday’s New York Times, we likely didn’t talk about any of that over the weekend—at least not to each other.

We were too busy being alone, together...»

Getting a Hickey


Ever since Hart Schaffner Marx filed for Chapter 11, we’ve been waiting to hear what’s in store for subsidiary marques like hickey and Hickey Freeman. And while we wouldn’t advise giving up your stockpile of pot-logo’d polos just yet, we’re detecting a noticeable light at the end of the tunnel.

The latest report from WWD details the three main bidders for HSM, and their various priorities. It’s a safe bet that one of the private equity firms will come down with ownership, but the question is whether they’ll decide hickey’s worth more dead than alive. Naturally, we prefer the latter.

Keep your fingers crossed.