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“What Every Man Must Own”

This list has been making the rounds of late, via Mr. Porter’s take on the working wardrobe. It’s a familiar roll call—well-proportioned, not too adventurous—but we have to confess a certain sinking feeling every time we contemplate opening up our closet and finding this inside.

Open up the closet of a certain class of professional—a corporate lawyer, say—and this is about what you’ll find. Open the right closet, and it might even look good. And yet… this still feels like the sort of thing that makes people give up on dressing themselves entirely.

It’s not that it’s wrong. It’s just that it’s depressing.

Allow us to elaborate…»

Sofia is Sleeping in the Field

You Can Never Go Wrong With Paisley: A guide to developing taste in interior design. The key quote: “choosing a sofa can be more traumatic than choosing a bride.” [Esquire]

Horn of Plenty: You should really get a shoehorn. [Better Living Through Design]

The Mysteries of Robert Johnson: Robert Johnson may have sung a lot lower than we thought. [Boing Boing]

And, Just Because it’s Friday: A ranked, updated list of the most humorously named bankers on Bloomberg. Ms. Takenoshita will be hard to unseat. [Business Insider]

Match Point


We’re not much for sartorial backseat driving, but we saw something in the Post this weekend that was just crying out for a correction.

Describing the dandyish tendencies of Wall Street honcho Peter Krause, we ran across this tidbit: “Kraus color-codes his suits to match the band of one of his many designer watches, while his multi-colored ties usually work well with the timepiece's dial.”

Allow us to retort...»

Going Wide


It’s been a while since we heard from the power tie, but apparently it’s alive and well.

These are from Vittorio J’s new Exclusives Collection, which is taking a shot at bringing high-quality silk, Italian oil treatments and extremely wide cuts back into the mainstream. In other words, it’s more for the folks at Goldman Sachs than the skinny/knit crowd…and at the moment that’s not such a crowded field. These models get extra points for something called a “saddle stitch,” a thread running down the back that lets you straighten them out with just a tug. The bad news? Each style is limited to just a few items, to keep things appropriately exclusive. Curious parties can pick one up at Imparali Custom Tailors.