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In a Pinch


Building a better band-aid may be a lost cause at this point, but the packaging can always use a little sprucing up. And a better name…

Help Remedies makes two minor but crucial improvements over the drugstore brands. First, they change the color from a sickly beige to a medically pristine white. Then, they wrap the whole thing in a tastefully embossed pocket-size package, in case you pick up any nicks on the go.

Heavy Duty


Even though we’re generally suspicious of band-aids as fashion statements, we have to admit this is a good idea. If you’re a manly guy who carries around a hammer, you can’t be messing with those wussy-looking pink things. You need to keep your skin together the same way you keep drywall together.

And for that, you need good old fashioned duct tape.

Scar Tissue


Have you ever had the feeling that the person you were speaking to was subtly mocking you? Maybe it was nothing tangible, just a touch of aloofness, a sense that everything was proceeding with a slight touch of irony…

Well, now you can get that feeling from a New York Times style piece.

The Gray Lady’s latest offense is about band aids as an accessory, pointing to recent offerings from Marc Jacobs and Alexandre Herchcovitch as examples—the latter recently featured at Opening Ceremony—and taking Mr. Nicholas James Brown as its unfortunate centerpiece.

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