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A Gentleman’s Guide to Whangee

The British umbrella’s already the pinnacle of rainy-day style, but we’d like to nominate a particular detail as especially crucial. We’re thinking of that notched handle known among connoisseurs as the whangee.

Make no mistake—this is advanced-level British nostalgia. (The icon, if we had to pick one, would be The Avengers’s John Steed.) But it’s also the kind of grace note that separates the standard article from the full trad. Especially if you happen to know the backstory...

The distinguished history of whangee...»

Shoots and Leaves


The silk undershirt is a deep-winter staple, but we aren’t too committed to the material itself. And we’re always ready for something new.

Bumboo is reinventing the underlayer with a fabric that’s 70% bamboo, resulting in an equally comfortable shirt that’s a little more heavyweight. We aren’t quite sure how it wears—we’re bloggers, not models, after all—but we’re more excited about adding bamboo to the fabric pallet. Once it goes mainstream, who knows what we’ll be able to do. We might even see it in a suit in not too many years.