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Tennessee Thomas Demurs


The Only Ten I See: She’s also singer/drummer for The Like. What is it about lady drummers? [Refinery29]

Flea!: If you hadn’t heard, there’s some fine shopping going on in Manhattan this evening. [Racked]

Pulling the Wool: Ladies and gentlemen, our new favorite pants. [Put This On]

Caveat Emptor: Because it is indeed Friday, here is a coffee cup made out of bacon, and filled entirely with (what else?) melted cheese. Take care of yourselves. [Neatorama]

Weaponized Bacon


As you may have noticed, the internet’s gone a bit bacon crazy in the past year or so. But we always assumed it would stop before it got dangerous.

We were wrong.

This is the latest entry in the bacon wars, a protein-packed cannoli of death known as the Flaming Bacon Lance. It’s made entirely of prosciutto—which we like to think of as weapons-grade bacon—and it spits enough flame to melt through a stainless steel tray.

There’s even a cucumber model for a vegetarian equivalent...but somehow it's just not the same.

See the flaming bacon lance in action»

Makin’ Bacon


We’re well-acquainted with the internet’s insatiable love of bacon, but we’re still glad to see it getting a bit of play in the mainstream press.

Over the past few months, there’s been a web-based rush to invent the most bizarre bacon creation possible (if you were wondering, it’s here) but as strange as the creations seem, the impulse is simpler than you might think. Bacon has always been a bizarre food. It just took the web to show us exactly how bizarre it was. And as usual, the web got a little carried away.

Then again, we’re pretty happy about it’s not all bad.