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A Few Possibilities for the Time Cloak

  • Geoff Rynex

Last week, Cornell physicists introduced the world to something called the time cloak—a series of lasers and lenses that bends time to make things invisible.

For scientists and supervillains alike, it’s a pretty big deal—but while the scientific world is caught up in a frenzy of discovery, we thought it was our duty as responsible bloggers to point out the dangers of this powerful new technology.

In that vein, we offer a few loosely researched cautionary tales...

Our three troubling scenarios, which may resemble a few movies you’ve seen»

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Great Scott!


With designers grasping for ideas and movie tie-ins multiplying at an alarming rate, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Still, we were hoping it would take longer.

After years of agitation from Neatorama, Nike is finally rolling out an “Air McFly” model of the kind predicted in Back to the Future Part II. To the cinematically uneducated, the sneaker looks like your usual 80s throwback—making it perfectly in tune with today’s style—but those in on the joke will recognize history in the making.

To play along, Nike has refrained from mentioning the shoe’s inspiration in any of the press materials. Perhaps they have a little shame left after all.