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Lionel Messi Is Connecting the Dots

  • Kempt Staff

[caption id="attachment_27034" align="aligncenter" width="428"]Football star Lionel Messi in a polka dot tuxedo Via Esquire[/caption] Lion’s Share: Lionel Messi showed up to collect his (fourth!) Ballon d’Or in a polka-dotted tuxedo jacket and matching bow tie. Esquire thinks he might have pushed it too far.

Ansari the Question: In an unprecedented move, Aziz Ansari interviews himself for Bullett.

Pocket Full of Sunshine: Slate learns the tricks of the trade from a master pickpocket. Use this information only for good.

Not So Brief Encounter: Valet extols the virtues of investing in quality undergarments. We’ll second that emotion.

Olivia Medina Just Realized Her Shirt’s on Backwards

  • Kempt Staff

Pants Don’t Lie: Put This On explains the three-tiered hierarchy of chinos. Study up. [PTO]

It’s Just the Tits: It seems The New Yorker has pushed Facebook’s limits of decency with their latest cartoon—they’re calling it “Nipplegate.” [New Yorker]

Barry F-bama: A glorious soundboard of Barack Obama reciting the colorful language of a schoolmate. Use this only for good (and prank-calling that right-wing roommate of yours from freshman year). [Regretsy]

Karl and Aziz: Refinery29 catches up with Aziz Ansari during Fashion Week to talk dinner jackets and a reality show with Herr Lagerfeld. [R29]

The Untold Charms of Being Well-Dressed

  • Najib Benouar

This snap comes from the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, where fashion’s favorite perma-grinning photog Terry Richardson followed Ms. Kate Upton about her day at the Beverly Hills Hotel—sunning poolside, wearing floppy hats, the usual—until our favorite bow-tie-wielding comedian Aziz Ansari suddenly entered, frame right. It’s hard to know exactly why he’s in this single photo, but we’ve got a hunch...

And it has to do with dressing the part.»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Aziz Ansari

MOTHaziz_crop.jpgvia GoaG

MOTHs are usually a pretty formal affair, but we’re can’t resist a well-executed crew neck, particularly if the occasion calls for it.

In this case, the occasion is a Target gala at the Ace Hotel—practically a Bermuda Triangle of above-it-all dishevelment. And while Aziz Ansari certainly knows his way around a suit, this time he went with a retro crewneck sweater better suited to lazy Sundays than industry galas. The telling detail here is the collar, a shrunken spread collar fanned out as wide as it’ll go. Poke around menswear blogs for long enough and you’ll peep the same trick in JFK's yacht pictures, which makes for a pretty good precedent.

It’s not quite enough to mark Aziz as a well-dressed comedian, but at this point he’s got cred to spare.

Anne Combaz Knows Her Way Around a Focus Dial


A Woman and a Camera: Also, a hairbrush. [FashionIndie]

Yeah, Me Neither: Aziz Ansari interviews Jason Schwarzman, admits he hasn’t seen The Darjeeling Limited. [Interview]

Who Moved My Cheese?: Apparently the recession is cutting into the demand for cheese, except of the government variety. [Grub Street]

The Kempt Guarantee: We will heartily endorse any detective movie with Michael Shannon in it. Your move, Hollywood. [Vulture]