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Sunglasses for Your Summer Plans

  • Najib Benouar


Next weekend marks the unofficial start to summer—which means it’s time to kick your summer preparations into high gear right now.

And above all else, you’re going to need to pick up the right pair of shades for wherever it is you plan on summering—because the sun in Cannes requires a different UV protection than the sun you’ll encounter on the music festival circuit. So we put together a handy guide for your summer’s eyewear-related needs.

Choosing your sunglasses according to your summer plans.»

Eva Longoria Will Not Sit in Santa’s Lap

  • Kempt Staff

Let the Countdown Begin: GQ has begun counting down the 25 most stylish guys of 2012 from last to first. (Meaning there’s still a chance you’re in the top 10.) [GQ]

Who Hash: If watching Big Boi read his version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, possibly nothing will. [AV Club]

Cash Rules: Now you can own a piece of Andy Warhol art that was once worth at least one dollar, for 300 bucks. [Details]

Throwing Shade: Testing the theory that aviator sunglasses can make anyone badass. Even Abe Lincoln. [Vulture]

The Hybrid Aviators

  • Najib Benouar

Warby Parker has been turning out highly stylish, quality frames for some time now—and new to the lineup is a collection made using the lightest and strongest metal, titanium (for less than your similarly built fairway wood).

Our favorite of the bunch is the Cromwell, an update on the Aviator (the sunglasses of choice for fall getaways) with a titanium frame and tortoiseshell temples—which should leave you with some versatile and fairly indestructible shades. Plus, you’re still getting all of the goodwill that comes along with buying frames from Warby Parker (someone in need of glasses also gets a pair of their own).

You’re looking better already.

Alyssa Miller Mistook You for Someone Else

  • Kempt Staff

The Need... for Shade: A brief history on the colored past of the famous aviator sunglasses—from Shorty Schroeder to the Unabomber. [NY Times]

Meet Your Makerbot:It’s a mixtape that looks like a cassette tape, but plays MP3s. *Boom box to hold over your head while playing said mixtape in the rain sold separately. [Creator’s Project]

Same Ship, Different Display: A look at the giant ship in a bottle/spectacular new maritime museum that has been built around the storied clipper Cutty Sark. [Yatzer]

Whimsy Sells: The collected advertisement illustrations of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known today as Dr. Seuss. [Flavorwire]

Women Can Be Handsome, Too

  • Najib Benouar

via Refinery29

Trap Wear: Randolph Engineering is best known for their Draper-worthy aviators, but Cool Hunting recently discovered the shades also have some serious trap-shooting chops. [Cool Hunting]

Postcards from Italy: Mr. Lean gives us the lowdown on where to stay on the Italian island of Ischia. But mostly this is for the gorgeous photos. [ACL]

Airing It Out: Neil Young and Crazy Horse returned to the studio after a nine-year hiatus. The good-humored, silken-voiced Terry Gross gets the deets. (She always does.) [NPR]

F Why? I: We heard rumblings of Channing Tatum’s art-imitating-life “male stripper epic” Magic Mike but didn’t believe it till Vulture got a hold of 50 preproduction stills. (They spare you 44 of them.) [Vulture]

The Sunglasses of the MLB

  • Najib Benouar

Willie Mays

We’ve imparted a few thoughts on baseball in the past—particularly listening to it on the radio—but here’s one more often-overlooked detail: Baseball is one of the few sports you can play while wearing sunglasses.

So far, most ballplayers haven’t seized the opportunity to gain style points. In fact, the results have ranged from the inspired to the regrettable…but that’s not to say they’re not interesting.

Allow us to elaborate…»

The Latest Breakthrough in Sunglass Technology


We mostly pay attention to the front-facing part of our sunglasses, but apparently there’s been a huge breakthrough in the ear-related department. These Activist Eyewear frames boast an extra pair of arms for more stability and a lot less pressure on the tops of your ears.

It’s good news for anyone planning on jogging or dramatically turning their head this summer. And naturally, it doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty handsome begin with, with models taking after wayfarers, aviators and circular, Lennon-style frames.

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Alert: Italian Soccer Players Are Stylish

  • Shawn Donnelly


This is the latest installment of The World Cup According to Kempt™, our series on the stuff that really matters at this summer’s tournament in South Africa.

The Italians take on Paraguay today in the World Cup. And no matter how they fare on the pitch (we’re predicting a 1-0 victory), we suspect they’ll win the off-field style battle. That’s because for the second World Cup in a row, they’ll be wearing a Dolce & Gabbana-designed “formal uniform” on their official team trips. Shown in the sketches here, the uniform consists of a navy Martini suit designed exclusively for the team, to be partnered with a classic white shirt, a jacquard blue tie with tiepin and a four-buttons waistcoat.

See what else the team is wearing»

The Aviators


As we’ve noted before, aviators are in the midst of a serious revival. When well executed, the effect is something along the lines of an iconoclastic French novelist. When done with less skill, it’s easy to get into trouble, so allow us to steer you towards the correct path.

These frames (via SwipeLife) aren’t quite the glorious 58256s we gushed about before, but it’s hard to go too far wrong with Persol. Naturally, you can get them as shades too…but not without cutting into your French novelist cred.

I Love the Seventies


After years of tireless effort, it looks like the blazer might finally be coming back.

A Continuous Lean just posted a few snaps of Band of Outsiders’ latest fall line, and we couldn’t help but notice the 70s vibe running through the whole thing. Tweed and corduroy both make strong showings, along aviator glasses and uncannily helmet-like hair.

At the risk of sounding gushy, this is pretty much the fashion line we were looking for when we started praising the 70s. They even got the button tabs right! Well played, gentlemen.

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