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Gil Elvgren Knows How to Paint a Happy Bear


The Golden Age: Boing Boing digs up a treasure trove of midcentury cheesecake art coming up for auction. [Boing Boing]

Live by the Machete, Die by the Machete: The year’s most trenchant statement on immigration involves people being gored with a machete. Don’t let us down, Trejo. [Vulture]

Sun Worshippers: Not to be outdone by a grindhouse flick, the Suns change their jerseys to read “Los Suns.” Class move, gentlemen. [Yahoo]

Blue People, Dear Reader: The Na’vi language gets an in-depth look, although it’s still not as complex as Klingon. [The Verge]

Rihanna Holds the Microphone Like a Grudge


Rated R: Ms. Fenty graces the cover of Gentleman’s Quarterly. [GQ]

Blue Man Group: Avatar is shaping up to be the feel-good cat people flick of the decade. [Vanity Fair]

On a Jet Plane: A gentleman’s guide to packing a suit. There are many folds, and they are all important. [Valet]

The Ninth Circle: A shadenfreude-filled stroll through the worst movies of the year. Megan Fox is well represented. [A.V. Club]