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Cinematic Architecture, Mastering Spotify and the World’s Best Men’s Shops

  • Kempt Staff


Quite a Pad: Mr Porter explores the avant-garde connection between film and architecture in 20th-century Los Angeles, with a Lautner-heavy roundup of iconic movie residences.

River Life: Filson wades in knee-deep with legendary fly-fisherman Frank Moore.

Sounds Even Better: Gizmodo has 10 handy tricks that will help you master Spotify.

Sartorial Tourism: GQ maps out the 25 best men’s shops worth a transatlantic voyage.

The Guy Who Took the Stroll Through New York in ’68

Over the last 24 hours, the blogosphere has taken a delightful stroll from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, circa 1968, thanks to an excerpt from Hollis Frampton’s 10-minute short film Surface Tension posted on the New York Times blog yesterday.

As the post points out, time-lapse movies like this were decidedly avant-garde in 1968 (inexplicable German narration, for example)—but thanks to the pause button, we can now experience the film from a historical angle as well, which, given the speed of the recording, was clearly not Hollis Frampton’s intention. Which got us thinking...

Who was Hollis Frampton and what was his intention?»